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"Vaccination" Exercise, Bi-Ex-West CA, Super Bowl AZ TOPOFF Prep? + News

Richland County flu vaccination clinic doubles as training exercise (OH)

Fred Ross receives a flu shot from public health nurse JoAnn Blackburn on Friday at the Richland County Fairgrounds. DAVE POLCYN/NEWS JOURNAL

MANSFIELD -- The Mansfield/Ontario/Richland County Health Department's first flu vaccination clinic of the year Friday doubled as a training exercise, said Mary Derr, public health nursing supervisor.
"If we had an anthrax or influenza scare and needed to get everyone in the county immunized, we want to be able to do everyone in 48 hours," Derr said.

"Last year the wait time was eight minutes," Derr said. "We hope to improve on that even more this year and just become this very well-oiled machine."
Derr said all of Friday's operations would work through a chain of command with the incident commander at the top.
"The benefit of having just this one person at the top is that you'll have everyone on the same page," she said. "Then every couple of hours, we'll have our outside and inside coordinators giving our incident commander reports on how everything is going. From there, we decide what's working, what's not and what needs to be changed."
Several volunteers assisted at the fairgrounds, including nearly 20 from the Ohio Military Reserves.
"It went great last year, and that's why we're back," Lt. Col. Elvin Burnell said. "We'll be in charge of maintaining traffic and security. If there really was a pandemic, you'd have a lot of pretty excited people. Our presence alone is a deterrent in itself to keep order."
Registered Nurse Amy Jerger said Friday's exercise was conducted under regulations of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
"FEMA trains everyone to speak the same language so communication doesn't break down," Jerger said. "This really isn't a matter of 'if' we're preparing for a major disaster, it's about 'when.' We could have a terrorist attack at any time and the health department has to be prepared to serve this county."
David Baxter and his brother Will attended the clinic and were aware of the drill.
"Like any sport, practice is only going to make you better," said Will, 29. "I think the drill is a great idea."
Richard Ruth, 74, of Mansfield, said he has been getting a flu shot for 10 years.
"Today went great," Ruth said. "Everyone was so polite and there was hardly any wait at all. Plus there was someone there waiting to catch me in case I passed out."
His wife, Mary, said the only wait was filling out the required paperwork.
"The whole thing was so smooth," she said. "This is the fastest place we've ever been to."

Bi-Ex-West (Canada)

Media Advisory: Experts and First Responders Work Together in Biological Incident Exercise

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 12, 2007) - A team of federal science and technology experts, as well as members of operational and first responder communities across all levels of government will host a media event on October 19, 2007. Media are invited to attend a technical briefing followed by a demonstration of a response to a mock biological incident. Personnel will be available for interviews.This event will follow the two-day bioterrorism preparedness exercise, Bi-Ex-West, that will bring together Canada's top biological experts from 12 federal and provincial departments and agencies, as well as employees of the Corporation of Delta and first responders from the Delta Fire and Police Services.This exercise, sponsored by the Chemical, Biological, Radiological-Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) Research and Technology Initiative (CRTI), is the largest and most realistic multi-jurisdictional bioterrorist field exercise ever held in Canada.

TOPOFF4 Prep for Glendale AZ False Flag at Super Bowl ?

Anti-terrorism drill will make Arizonans safer in the long run
Oct. 13, 2007 12:00 AM
Sometime next week, mock terrorists will target the Valley with a radioactive "dirty bomb," a radiological-dispersion device designed to kill and spread fear.The Arizona "attack" will coincide with similar events in Portland, Ore., and Guam.None of these crises will be real, no one will be hurt, and no Arizona transportation systems will be affected in any way.For the public, there will no visible signs that a major crisis is under way.But for hundreds of Arizonans, the four-day drill known as TOPOFF 4 (Top Officials) will be a grueling test of their ability to deal with a terrorist attack and the casualties and chaos that would follow. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, TOPOFF 4 is the fourth in a series of congressional-mandated exercises.This is the most comprehensive emergency-preparedness drill ever undertaken in Arizona, and next year's Super Bowl in Glendale makes it extremely important.How our officials respond during this exercise will give us all a sense of just how well we are prepared for the unthinkable, a major disaster during the most high-profile sporting event in the world. (cont..)

Pacific Shiled '07 (update)

7-Nation Naval Exercise Starts

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force's escort ship Ikatsuchi sails with a rubber boat during the Pacific Shield 07 exercises as part of the U.S.-originated Proliferation Security Initiative off Oshima, south of Tokyo, Saturday, Oct. 13, 2007. Ships and aircraft from seven countries began the three-days maritime exercises Saturday involving the mock interception of weapons of mass destruction. (AP Photo/Koji Sasahara)

Gates Credits Russian Military Ideas

9/11 Terror architect speaks some criminal BS

James Woolsey: McCain best at confronting dual threat of terrorism and climate

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