Monday, October 8, 2007

Monday Part II

NGA taps Lockheed for geospatial intel

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency has awarded a contract estimated to be worth approximately $20 million over five years to Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems and Global Services, which will develop a pilot program for demand-based geospatial intelligence. The goal of DBGI is to provide federal agencies access to the most recent geospatial intelligence data immediately upon demand and in a format appropriate for the user’s needs. Currently, NGA produces hard-copy maps using large-format, five-color offset lithographic presses. This process has been necessary to meet military requirements that charts and maps be printed in specific spot colors to ensure readability in poor lighting conditions. Under the contract’s statement of work, Lockheed Martin is tasked to “give customers the capability of content staging, supply chain management and digital, wide-format, high-volume hardcopy output.” The DBGI project is an early stage of NGA’s Transforming the Dissemination Environment program, which will eventually allow clients to access geospatial intelligence via a storefront portal

Military Training Technology Recognizes 3Dsolve, Inc. as one of the Country's Most Innovative Companies 3Dsolve, Inc. Recently Acquired by Lockheed Martin

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Recognizing its significant contributions to the military training industry, 3Dsolve, Inc. was recently named a 2007 Military Training Technology Top 100 company for the fourth consecutive year. The magazine's annual Top 100 designation is presented to innovative companies that develop distance learning, live training, modeling, gaming, information retention, simulation and other training capabilities and components.
Acquired by Lockheed Martin Corp. in August 2007, 3Dsolve (now known as 3D Learning Solutions) was selected for recognition by Military Training Technology's editorial board and a panel of independent experts involved in the simulation and training community. The selection was based on criteria which, in part, included total military sales, end-user feedback, innovations and solutions need.
"Solutions for America's warfighters require an innovative mindset," said Richard Boyd, director of 3D Learning Solutions. "This recognition underscores our experience in gaming, visualization and training and expertise in imaginative solutions that lead to mission success."
Boyd's team creates collaborative simulation learning solutions for government, military and corporate applications and is also a member of the America's Army development team. Some of their products include Operational Views in 3D (OV3D), a collaboration tool for loading architecture data from existing databases, and Dynamic Plant Model in 3D (DPM-3D), an immersive 3D environment built with the Unreal game engine that could lead to Massive Multiplayer Online Training capabilities.
3D Learning Solutions, located in Cary, NC, is a part of Lockheed Martin's Simulation, Training & Support business headquartered in Orlando, FL, with offices in more than 50 locations worldwide. (cont...)

Raytheon IDS lands $150M Patriot missile deal

U.S. Considered Radiological Weapon

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