Saturday, October 20, 2007

TOPOFF4 Ends, Drills/MASCAL, The Fake "Left"

Drill is a starting point for fixes (TOPOFF4 Over)

It will take months, maybe years, before Portland and state officials learn what went right -- and wrong -- during the weeklong emergency preparedness drill that concluded Friday. But public health officials can already point to systems that need fixes before a real, large-scale emergency hits.
For one, officials must get better at making highly technical health and safety information clear to the public, said Susan Allan, Oregon's public health director. For another, a supply chain that now involves as many five links needs streamlining to hustle critical supplies to hospitals.
"These are natural problems. These are things that would happen in any state. But we're all new to this," Allan said. "It's good that we're doing this, because we have an opportunity to get it right before it may hurt somebody if we don't get it right." (cont...)

CO "Mascal exercise"

135 volunteers needed for emergency response drill

Disaster emergency drill Marcy Thursday night (NY)
MARCY - If a disaster emergency happened in Oneida County, the first to respond to the scene are now better prepared. They took part in a training exercise Thursday night in Marcy.t happened at the "Clark Energy Facility." It's designed to test response procedures for hazardous materials and terrorist incidents. A combination of agencies took part...including several fire and police departments (cont..)

Downtown Wichita explosions only a drill (update)

Iran to fire '11,000 rockets in minute' if attacked

70 Punished in Accidental B-52 Flight

"Newton said the flight in question resulted from an "unprecedented string of procedural errors,"...." same BS line used around 9/11..
That was 800 pounds of explosives in the Topoff 4 blast. But not last Tuesday. The real blast was in Central Washington a week earlier.

Maher helps security kick out rowdy protester

"After the instigators were ejected, Maher told his panelists — MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Los Angeles Times columnist Joel Stein and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson — that they often linger outside his studio to share 9/11 conspiracy theories with him and try to get into the show.
"It's the only time I defend Bush," he said." (along with rest of the phony "Left")

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