Friday, November 2, 2007

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Military showcases simulations in Suffolk
A virtual battlespace simulation has a detailed, 3-D model of Baghdad’s Green Zone for training soldiers before they deploy to Iraq. In one scenario, a user operates a joystick to maneuver a medical evacuation helicopter to the scene of a blast involving an improvised
Excerpt: "For the folks at Joint Forces, that's the kind of creative juices they hoped to stir at their inaugural Modeling and Simulation Exposition. The two-day event ended Friday.
Over the past decade, the command's warfighting and experimentation complex in northern Suffolk, where the expo was staged, has become a hub of modeling and simulation for the region. A cadre of defense contractors have set up shop along the nearby Interstate 664 corridor, working to help develop models and simulations to train warfighters and test new warfighting technology.
Many of those companies - ranging from defense giants Northrop Grumman and General Dynamics to small operations such as I-P Systems of Chesapeake - manned expo booths to show off research and products. The Norfolk-based Joint Forces Command has a training program budget of $267 million a year and spends more than $40 million on modeling and simulation activities....

The expo's main purpose was to bring together the military services and homeland defense agencies to view the command's capabilities and discuss how to share the technology."

US Navy plans exercises in Arabian Gulf

United States naval forces assigned to Commander, U.S. 5th Fleet, will begin several exercises in the Arabian Gulf during November to demonstrate a wide range of capabilities, including humanitarian assistance and disaster relief assistance, a press release said.
Contingency planning helps prepare forces for real-world events that can happen unexpectedly. USS Wasp (LHD 1) began a crisis response exercise on November 1, involving amphibious, air and medical forces in the Arabian Gulf. Commander Task Force (CTF) 59 is leading the exercise, focusing on furthering the region's humanitarian and disaster response capability, the release added.
“The scenario is challenging but prepares us for a real-world event,” said Cmdr Jay Chambers, CTF 59 plans officer. “From the table-top discussions, which drew up plans for how our forces will assist, to turning those plans into action, this exercise allowed us to examine the best way to proceed, and to proceed quickly, with providing assistance to any requesting nation."
The exercise is designed to practise and evaluate the ships' ability to serve as "first responders" after a natural disaster. The five-day training exercise ensures 5th Fleet is capable of responding to any crisis in this region and is part of United States commitment to the people of the region.

China wraps up weeklong war games as President Hu appoints new general

BEIJING: China's military wrapped up weeklong live-firing war games Friday, the latest in a series of increasingly sophisticated exercises to prepare troops for complex battlefield situations.
The "Iron First 2007" games closed with two imaginary rival armies fighting a six-hour simulated battle, the official China News Service said.
Commanders had to contend with electromagnetic interference that disrupted communications and electronics in a simulation of likely battlefield scenarios, the exercise's director, Lt. Gen. Feng Zhaoju, was quoted as saying.
Responses included fighting back with counter-interference, Feng said in the report.
The exercises were held near the central city of Zhengzhou. There were no reports of disruptions to commercial flights or other civilian transport in the area.

Emergency drill organizers seek 500 volunteers for "attack" on mock rock concert

How would you like to spend the day inside a crowded stadium, pretending to vomit and be drenched in fake chemical gas? Sound like fun? Wait, there's more.
Well, you won't get paid. But you will be helping out local firefighters, police officers and paramedics practice for the biggest and most unusual emergency drill in California - a mock bio-terrorist attack on Nov. 14 in Silicon Valley where 500 guests are attending an all-night rock concert at Municipal Stadium in San Jose.
Organizers say it's the first time in Santa Clara County that regular citizens en masse are being asked to participate in this type of drill, which California's 58 counties first began practicing in 2004, as fallout from the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Military electromagnetic exercise concluded (China)

A military exercise aiming to test the fighting capabilities of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) under electromagnetic attack has come to an end on Friday in central China's Henan Province, according to Army sources.
A division of the PLA's Jinan Military Area Command, with about 10,000 soldiers and officers and 1,000 vehicles, took part in the seven-day exercise, dubbed "Iron Fist-2007". (cont..)

"Oil Shockwave" Simulation

RPT Simulated exercise sees oil topping 150 usd in future scenario

LONDON (Thomson Financial) - An elaborate simulated exercise played out by a group of former top US government officials has showed that oil could easily top 150 usd a barrel.
The simulation, called Oil Shockwave, was staged by Securing America's Future Energy group and the Bipartisan Policy Center in an attempt to show how relatively minor events overseas now have the potential to cause spikes in the oil price because of increasingly tight supply demand balance.
The unscripted one-day simulation imagined a million barrels a day loss in oil supplies when saboteurs disrupted supply in a key pipeline running through a volatile region, sending prices from the mid-90 usd range to 115 usd in 2009.
'This scenario could start tomorrow,' said retired general John Abizaid, the former US Central Command chief (cont...)

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