Monday, November 5, 2007

(USJFCOM) "Atlantic Strike", Iran War, Drills

U.S. Fifth Fleet in Gulf exercise for possible war in Iran

ABU DHABI — The U.S. Navy launched a series of exercises in the Gulf to enhance skills required in any war with Iran which, according to British press reports, could occur in early 2008.
The U.S. Fifth Fleet conducted a crisis response exercise that included amphibious, air and medical forces. The five-day exercise by the USS Wasp, led by Commander Task Force 59, was scheduled to end on Nov. 5.
The U.S. Fifth Fleet has been operating two strike groups in the Gulf. The USS Enterprise and USS Kearsarge have also been training in the region. (cont...)

U.S. Joint Forces Command's (USJFCOM)
Exercise Atlantic Strike kicks off; focused on improving air-to-ground operations

U.S. Joint Forces Command's (USJFCOM) Joint Fires Integration and Interoperability Team (JFIIT) will partner with U.S. Central Command Air Forces (CENTAF) to provide joint close air support expertise and share some unique technological capabilities with joint warfighters.

By Casey BainUSJFCOM Joint Fires Integration and Interoperability Team
(AVON PARK AIR GROUND TRAINING COMPLEX, Fla. - Nov. 5, 2007) -- U.S. Joint Forces Command's (USJFCOM) Joint Fires Integration and Interoperability Team (JFIIT) will partner with U.S. Central Command Air Forces (CENTAF) to provide joint close air support subject matter expertise (SME) during the Atlantic Strike VI exercise running here today through Nov. 9. (cont..)

Mock terror attack needs volunteers ( CA)
Emergency volunteers prepare for a disaster. (Lisa Fernandez / Mercury News
How would you like to spend the day inside a crowded stadium, pretending to vomit and being drenched in fake chemical gas? Sound like fun? Wait, there's more.
You won't get paid. But you will be helping local firefighters, police officers and paramedics practice for the biggest and most unusual emergency drill in California - a mock bio-terrorist attack Nov. 14 in Silicon Valley where 500 guests are attending an all-night rock concert at Municipal Stadium in San Jose.
Organizers say it's the first time in Santa Clara County that regular citizens en masse are being asked to participate in this type of drill, which California's 58 counties first began practicing in 2004, as fallout from the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.
The program, dubbed "Golden Guardian," is funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and managed by the state Office of Homeland Security. A 2005 drill in Oakland featured a mock attack on a "concert" at McAfee Coliseum.
"We've always had victims, but they've been off-duty professionals," said Tim Quigley, executive director of the Volunteer Center of Silicon Valley, a key partner of the operation. "This is the first time we're testing the real population. It's one thing to be academic, but we wanted to test the strength of the system."
So Quigley is putting out a call to find 500 volunteers who will spend seven hours Nov. 14 to role-play characters at a mock rock concert. (cont...)

DARPA race pushes robotics forward
On Sunday, CMU's Tartan Racing took home $2 million for first place in DARPA's Urban Challenge--a test of driverless cars on urban streets here at the former George Air Force Base in Southern California's Mojave Desert. By doing so, the team regained its pride after two stinging defeats in 2004 and 2005. And it stole some glory back from 2005's winner, Stanford University, in tackling what was effectively a harder challenge this year. (Stanford claimed the second prize of $1 million this year.)

Marines from FAST conduct crisis exercise
The US Marines' 2nd Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team, 4th Battalion recently began a crisis response exercise in Bahrain

Today's airport drill to slow traffic NY
COLONIE -- Motorists should avoid the area surrounding Albany International Airport this evening as local police and federal authorities stage an anti-terrorism drill, police said. (cont...)
Syrian Raid Began in Space
This summer, the Israelis launched its new reconnaissance satellite, the Ofeq-7, Aviation Week notes. And that orbiter "allowed the integration of several advanced technologies, including electro-optical imaging from space, image enhancing algorithms, scene-matching guidance for precision weapons, and the use of advanced targeting pods carried by the Israeli air force's two-man F-16Is."

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