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Boeing SBI, UK Cargo Terror, Lockheed NYC, +

GAO: SBI so far nets Boeing more than $1B

Boeing Co. has received more than $1 billion — an amount higher than what was previously disclosed — for work on the Secure Border Initiative system that it is installing along the Mexican border in Arizona for the Homeland Security Department, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.
From September 2006 to January 2008, the Customs and Border Protection agency awarded $1.15 billion through eight task orders to prime contractor Boeing for SBI, which is the overall project, and SBInet, which is the fencing and electronic surveillance system component, the GAO report states....

Terrorism: Cargo planes are security risk, says former Met police chief

Cargo planes present a major threat to Britain's security, according to the former Metropolitan police commissioner Lord Stevens, who warns today that terrorists could use them to transport hazardous materials or simply blow them up.
In a report on Britain's borders, in which he accuses the government of failing to draw up a clear border security strategy, Stevens says the world's air cargo system is now vulnerable to terrorists.
Stevens will unveil his report at London City airport with David Cameron, saying: "The air cargo system is vulnerable to security threats including plots to place explosives aboard aircraft; illegal shipments of hazardous materials; criminal activities such as smuggling and theft; and potential hijackings and sabotage by persons with access to aircraft." Last week Lord Carlile, the independent reviewer of terrorism laws, said private jets and light aircraft could be used to launch attacks on crowds and buildings.
Stevens says Britain could face terrorist threats for another 30 years and adds: "The growth in air travel means that it is now easier to enter the UK's airspace by light aircraft and there are many small airfields within easy flying distance of continental Europe, thereby facilitating the movement of people or illicit goods."

More Delays for Cameras in Subways (Lockheed Martin) fiber-optic cable in Brooklyn and Queens has become the latest obstacle to a planned high-tech system of surveillance cameras meant to safeguard the subway and commuter railroads, according to Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials.
The system, which is expected to cost at least $450 million, is a crucial component of a larger program to thwart terrorist attacks on the region’s transportation network, but it has met repeatedly with technical problems and delays. ....Plans for the surveillance system were announced in August 2005, when officials said that they expected to have it up and running in three years. The system, which is being built by the defense contractor Lockheed Martin, is to include at least 1,000 surveillance cameras and 3,000 motion sensors, mostly concentrated at major travel hubs and high-volume stations, like Grand Central Terminal, as well as in tunnels and other areas....

Australia Signs New Disaster Response Pact with US, Japan
Australia is to sign a new disaster response accord with Japan and the United States. The aim is to improve the response to earthquakes, cyclones and other major disasters in the region. From Sydney, Phil Mercer reports.The Australian government says it is working towards a "coordinated and instantaneous" response to disasters in the Asia-Pacific region with two of its closest allies, the United States and Japan.The disaster pact between Washington, Tokyo and Canberra was agreed to at a weekend meeting of foreign ministers in Kyoto, Japan.Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith met his American and Japanese counterparts - Condoleezza Rice and Masahiko Komura - on the sidelines of meeting of the Group of Eight industrialized nations.The three countries have called for greater military cooperation and joint emergency response exercises.

NEOUCOM, KSU get bioterrorism grant
Northeastern Ohio Universities Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy and Kent State University have been awarded $6.7 million for the continued development and commercialization of a real-time pathogen detection instrument.
This award represents a $3 million Wright Project grant from the Ohio Department of Development which will be matched by $3.7 million from other sources.
The pathogen detection instrument can quickly detect harmful microbes, such as anthrax or plague and has uses in detecting bioterrorism as well as environmental safety and rapid medical diagnoses. The technology is the result of a collaboration among NEOUCOM and Kent State University researchers who combined their expertise in biomedical sciences and liquid crystals to invent and develop it.
Commercialization of the device will create new jobs and economic development in northeast Ohio.

Timetable for 9/11 site to be reworked

Sunday, June 29, 2008

FCS, AU Terror Bunker, Goldman Sachs/India Billionaire, + news

The revolution of warfare
San Diego-based SAIC is tackling part of the costliest,most complex modernization program in the Army's history

Soldiers in an experimental Army brigade at Fort Bliss, Texas, trained using a robotic tracked vehicle that is part of a $160 billion modernization program called Future Combat Systems. An earlier version of the unmanned ground vehicle is in use in Iraq.

WASHINGTON – Imagine a battlefield where soldiers, sensors, robots, vehicles and weapons are all linked in a high-speed wireless network, allowing the enemy to be seen, monitored and, if necessary, attacked from afar.
Such is the promise of Future Combat Systems, a $160 billion Army modernization effort in which San Diego-based SAIC is a key contractor.
FCS is the largest, most costly and complex modernization program in Army history. Proponents say it will revolutionize warfare, increasing the lethal force of U.S. troops while providing them with additional protection.
It's also a big deal for SAIC, which serves as co-manager of the program in its capacity as co-lead systems integrator with the much larger Boeing Corp.
SAIC will earn about $2.7 billion from its contract with the Army, marking the largest contract ever won by the company......

Secret bunker ready in case of terrorist attack (AU),22884,23930442-922,00.html
THE Federal Government has built a $36 million top-secret communications office in a Canberra industrial estate.
If the capital suffered a serious terrorist attack, the new office would run the so-called Plan Mercator - which promises continuity of government.
Mercator, like similar plans across the world, provides for the evacuation of the Governor-General, Prime Minister, senior ministers and key advisers. .....

Japan, China, S. Korea plan flu outbreak drill
The government has decided to conduct its first joint drill with China and South Korea, possibly in October, to prepare against the possibility of an outbreak of new strains of influenza, according to sources.
Through the joint drill, the three countries hope to determine whether the sharing of information among them and their quarantine measures are satisfactory, using the results of the drill to establish new guidelines.
The Japanese government also plans to conduct joint drills with domestic medical institutions and local governments and to determine if these entities nationwide are fully prepared for a possible outbreak.
H5N1 avian influenza virus is said to have mutated into a new strain of influenza that can be passed on to humans. Many experts say such an outbreak would occur in Asia, where many people are reported to have been infected with the H5N1 virus. .....

Annals of Homeland Security: Crony Capitalism, Nuclear Terror and the "Advanced Spectroscopic Portal"

Qwest Introduces Federal Agencies to Universal and Secure Solution for Accessing Digital Resources and Sensitive Data
"This technology provides increased security for federal government systems and will help agencies meet mandates for programs such as teleworking and continuity of operations planning (COOP: 7.22, -0.03, -0.41%)," said Diana Gowen, senior vice president and general manager of Qwest Government Services.

Lakshmi Mittal joins Goldman Sachs board
NEW YORK (AP) — Goldman Sachs Group Inc. said Sunday that billionaire steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal has been elected as an independent director at the world's largest investment bank.
Mittal, who is chairman and chief executive of the world's largest steel producer, ArcelorMittal SA, joined Goldman Sachs' 13-member board Saturday and will serve on its Audit, Compensation and Corporate Governance and Nominating committees....

U.S. to pay millions in lawsuit over anthrax innuendo

*The Anthrax "Ignorance"Most 9/11 researcher often ignore, that September 11th followed a very advanced timeline, but something also went wrong.It is now very clear, that a bio-nuclear threat WAS part of the original script of the September 11th attacks.Most possibly, a dirty bomb attack was put on hold, but an alleged "bio attack" took place.The drill for this scenario restarted at least on September 10th, was followed on September 11th, with an advise for the White House, to take Cipro and officially continued in New York, with the postponed bio drill "triPOD".What later became worldwide famous as the anthrax letters, was first professionally drilled in the June 2001 drill, "Dark Winter".Instead of Anthrax, Smallpox was the "pending threat".One of the co-organizer was ANSER Institute for Homeland Security.Few knew, that the "Homeland Security" did already exist 2 years before September 11th.Interestingly, the very same people, who later exploited the danger of "weapons of mass destruction", had been already part of the line-up of Dark Winter:R. James WoolseyJames Woolsey, former CIA director, former Titan Corporation (-> Project Trailblazer) and currently one of the board members of BoozAllen Hamilton.Woolsey is also one of the members of the neocon Project for New American Century (PNAC).In 2000, PNAC issued a report predicting that their proposed "transformation" of U.S. military and diplomatic policy in the Middle East wouldn't come very quickly, barring the occurrence of "some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor."9/11 was this "Pearl Harbour".Woolsey was also appointed as Fluor's board member in January 2004, while Fluor and a partner, AMEC Plc, were competing for two federal contracts to do reconstruction work in Iraq.

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UK Police ADS, RIMPAC, FCS, Drills/X's +

* I'm still around folks, just have a love hate thing with the internet right now (check out Atlantic Mag on is Google making us 'stoopid'...the internet and the 9/11 scam (including whole fake activism psyop) are meant to mess with our brains, America is fake and the idiots that reside here keep falling for BS. Look at the Obama supporters, talk about psyops, the staged lie that a black man can be president is meant to lend to the illusion that America is still free, what a joke! I am waiting for the complete financial meltdown and then WWIV? Stay tuned.......

British Police May Get U.S. 'Pain Ray' Guns,2933,371022,00.html

The days of simply reading the riot act to an angry crowd are long gone.
The Home Office has been investigating the use of high-tech pain rays against mobs as an alternative to the good old water cannon, according to a report by its Scientific Development Branch due to be published next month.
The so-called active denial system (ADS) projects microwave-like radiation for distances of more than 500 yards, creating an excruciating, full-body burning sensation in anyone caught in its beam...

Pitch Black pilots prepare to turn lights out on exercise (AU)

PUP PILOT: Robbie Cousland, 23, is the youngest pilot taking part in Pitch Black. Picture: DANI GAWLIK

ROARING through skies at up to 1900km/h in the cockpit of an F/A-18 Hornet jet is a dream come true for Robbie "Snake Eye'' Cousland.
The 21-year-old fighter pilot graduated with his wings just last year and is based with 77 Squadron at RAAF Base Williamtown in New South Wales.He is the youngest pilot -- known to his superiors as a "bog rat'' -- to take part in the intense multi-national Exercise Pitch Black.Flying Officer Cousland is among the 3000 service men and women from nine nations -- Australia, the US, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, France, Germany, Canada, UK -- and NATO who arrived in Darwin for the exercise three weeks ago.....

Live action drill prepares emergency responders for massive earthquakes (+ ?)

National Guard troops from five western states and Guam participated in a recent major emergency preparedness exercise involving dozens of local and state agencies in Silver City. The training scenario included a mock evacuation of the small Comstock town. Pictured are troops posted at the entrance to Silver City to blockade the area and protect businesses and residents from looters while residents were evacuated to nearby Dayton High School

It's not often you see an armed military presence in the tiny Comstock town of Silver City, but that's exactly what residents awoke to on a recent sunny Saturday morning.
Camo-clad armed soldiers were on a mission -- a training mission of first responders performing a mock 7.1 magnitude earthquake.
The simulated disaster, Vigilant Guard '08, was designed to test the skills and teamwork of every participant to enhance their response when a real disaster strikes the region. The largest full-scale emergency preparedness exercise conducted in Northern Nevada was planned for nearly two years...(cont..)

RIMPAC 2008 Exercise Set for June 20 through July 31 in Hawaiian Waters

The Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercise for 2008 will take place in the Hawaiian operating area from June 29 through July 31. RIMPAC is a multi-national exercise designed to improve integration and interoperability as well as prepare forces for a wide range of potential combined joint operations and missions.
In keeping with the U.S. Maritime Strategy to foster and sustain cooperative relationships with international partners, military units from 10 participating countries will come together in the largest combined force exercise conducted this year. Participating nations include Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, Netherlands, Peru, Republic of Korea, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States.
RIMPAC forces include 20 U.S. Navy ships, 13 foreign ships, two Coast Guard vessels, three U.S. submarines, three foreign submarines, over 150 U.S. and foreign aircraft, 18 other U.S. Navy and Marine Corps units and 11 foreign units supporting this year’s exercise. U.S. ships participating are the aircraft carrier, USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63); amphibious ships, USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6) and USS Comstock (LSD 45); two guided-missile cruisers, USS Lake Erie (CG 70) and Port Royal (CG 73); five guided-missile destroyers, USS Paul Hamilton (DDG 60), USS Milius (DDG 69), USS O’Kane (DDG 77), USS Pinckney (DDG 91) and USS Chung-Hoon (DDG 93) and two guided-missile frigates, USS Reuben James (FFG 57) and USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG 60).....

Health Department leads pandemic flu exercise
CHEYENNE - Public health officials all across Wyoming are participating in a statewide test exercise to respond to a large-scale outbreak of pandemic influenza in the state.The Wyoming Department of Health is leading the mock exercise, which is called “Wyoming SPIRE” – for Statewide Pandemic Influenza Response Exercise. The exercise started Monday and concludes tomorrow.Pandemic influenza is a global outbreak of influenza disease from a new virus strain that spreads easily from person to person and quickly around the world. Health experts expect another influenza pandemic to occur, but cannot predict when. “Pandemic influenza will happen,” Dr. Brent Sherard, the Department of Health director and state health officer, told reporters at a news conference scheduled as part of the exercise. “We don’t know when, but we know it will happen.” ......

CG Leads Counterterrorism Exercise

LOS ANGELES - Harbor residents of Los Angeles and Long Beach will see increased law enforcement activity this Wednesday and Thursday as area emergency responders participate in a 2-day U.S. Coast Guard lead counterterrorism exercise. The exercise is designed to test the Area Maritime Security Plan that was mandated by the Maritime Security Transportation Act of 2002 (MTSA).
The exercise will take place in both the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and include simulated bombings that law enforcement and fire agencies will respond to in real-time. The U.S. Coast Guard, FBI, Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, Los Angeles Police and Fire Departments, Long Beach Police and Fire Departments, Los Angeles Port Police, Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach along with maritime industry will be participating in the joint agency exercise. Port facilities will also be testing their own security plans in response to a Coast Guard ordered increase of the Maritime Security (MARSEC) level.....

Russia plans to hold military exercises in Arctic

MOSCOW (AP) — A senior Russian general says Russia will conduct military exercises in the Arctic to uphold the country's claim to the region's vast natural resources.
Gen. Vladimir Shamanov, in charge of military training at Russia's Defense Ministry, also said planning for the exercises began after several nations disputed Russia's Arctic claims.
"Modern wars are won or lost long before they start," Shamanov told the military daily Krasnaya Zvezda in an interview published Tuesday.
He noted that 5,000 U.S. troops were involved in the Northern Edge military exercise in Alaska last month.
Canada and Denmark have also been involved in the race to claim the area's extensive oil and other resources.
Russia last August sent two mini-submarines to plant a Russian flag on the seabed under the North Pole, staking its claim on an underwater mountain range that is believed to contain huge oil and gas reserves.
A U.S. study suggests the area may contain as much as 25 percent of the world's undiscovered oil and gas.

Taiwan starts annual war games despite warming ties with China

"The first phase of the war games is computer-simulated and lasts five days with a scenario that Taiwan takes losses to its air and naval forces after being attacked by China, National Defence Ministry sources said. "

Stan - Europe's first artificial man

"Modelled from a unique cast of a real person, the skin of iStan acts, looks and feels like real human skin. iStan is fully wireless and battery operated and offers the portability and versatility to conduct simulation training in a wide range of real-world situations.Designed from the inside out, he has a human-like skeletal structure that provides true-to-life articulated motion. Spine, neck, arms and hips all move with incredible life-like accuracy..."

Army to Detail Changes to 'Future Combat' Initiative

Federal, state intelligence officials meet in Albany,0,2032911.story

Avalanche Photodiodes Target Bioterrorism Agents

ScienceDaily (June 25, 2008) — Researchers have shown that a new class of ultraviolet photodiode could help meet the U.S. military's pressing requirement for compact, reliable and cost-effective sensors to detect anthrax and other bioterrorism agents in the air....

Pandemic flu drill tests city’s readiness

A pandemic flu has hit hundreds of homes in Laurel, forcing families to stay indoors and quarantine themselves
That was the scenario on June 18 when police officers, city officials and about 85 volunteers participated in the city’s pandemic flu drill. The drill, which tested Laurel’s ability to respond to such an emergency, was part of statewide drill of responding to a 5- to 12-week-old pandemic flu epidemic.....

Please see:

Haupt releases TOP 100 Alltime Planehuggers/WarCriminals List

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DC "Mass Evacuation Drill", CO DNC Terror Prep.+ News

Area First Responders Participate in Mass Evacuation Drill (DC)

Counties Organize Shelters and Stations to Handle Mass Exacuation to West Virginia from Washington, D.C.
Twenty counties participated in statewide federal mass evacuation training Tuesday.
The scenario involved a dirty bomb explosion in Washington, D.C. with fallout from that explosion prompting a mass evacuation into West Virginia.
"West Virginia has the capacity, it has the land mass, it has a lot of the resources in place," explained Shaunda Rauch, the Region 2 Coordinator for West Virginia's Department of Homeland Security.
She helped organize this federal disaster exercise to house evacuees.
"We've already been asked to fulfill that role one time previously," Rauch said, "so we want to make sure that we build ourselves at a greater level every time we have an incident."
In Monongalia County, the American Red Cross set up a mock shelter to check supplies.
Preston County hosted a disaster relief station where workers handed out maps, plus directions for shelters and other emergency services.
"It will be mass confusion in the event of an actual incident that would happen," said Russell Kirk, a volunteer with the Red Cross manning the station at the Welcome Center, "so we're trying to be prepared as much as we actually could be."
Ernie Young is from Manassas, Virginia.
As a potential evacuee he appreciates our state's effort.
"When I saw the trucks I thought 'gee I wonder what they're drilling for,'" Young said, "but my mind played ahead and I thought 'gee this would actually be a neat place to come if you had to actually leave a major metropolitan area in the East - this is a nice area to come to."
While the out-of-state evacuees are the primary focus of this exercise organizers say the training will benefit West Virginia residents too.
"Even if we serve as a host community," Rauch said, "one of the key factors that we're looking at is to make sure that our residents aren't put out because they're helping to serve one of our sister state."

"Vigilant Guard"
Hospital tents up and fully functional as part of disaster drill (NV)

Stacey Belt, public health emergency planner for Carson City Health and Human Services, right, gives a tour of the city’s newly purchased mobile medical facility
As part of Vigilant Guard, a joint emergency preparedness exercise, mobile field hospitals able to treat hundreds of patients were set up in the north parking lot of Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center on Monday. “We did this to test the capability for us to support a medical surge,” said Stacey Belt, public health planner for Carson City Health and Human Services. Belt said that in the event of a disaster in which hundreds of people were injured, or if the hospital were destroyed, the state-of-the-art tents would be put into use to care for the injured.A 200-bed tent, belonging to the Nevada State Health Division, had a fully equipped 20-bed intensive-care unit, 180 medical beds, a 20-bed emergency room and trauma center, operating suite, portable digital X-Ray and lab, self-sufficient oxygen generator and staff housing for 150. The three conjoined tents are able to sustain winds of 100 mph.....

Black Hawk helicopters rattle downtown( CO)
A helicopter flies over downtown Denver as part of a U.S. Department of Justice training exercise, according to Denver police. Several helicopters were part of the exercise and would occasionally land and then take off again from the roof of the 1999 Broadway building.

Black Hawk helicopters buzzed downtown Denver and other neighborhoods Monday evening in a training exercise to prepare for a possible terrorist attack.
The flights had people all over town calling authorities to find out what was going on.
"It's nothing more than Special Operations Command training with local authorities," said Lt. Nathan Potter, with Special Operations Command, which has authority over special forces from all branches of the military.
Potter would not say which branch of the military was flying the choppers over Denver.
The training has nothing to do with preparations for the Democratic National Convention, which will be held in Denver in August, Potter said.
"It's routine preparation for the global war on terrorism," he said.
Several Black Hawk helicopters were seen flying low near Coors Field during a home game of the Colorado Rockies.

In Russia, sometimes it rains cement

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian air force planes dropped a 25-kg (55-lb) sack of cement on a suburban Moscow home last week while seeding clouds to prevent rain from spoiling a holiday, Russian media said on Tuesday.
"A pack of cement used in creating ... good weather in the capital region ... failed to pulverize completely at high altitude and fell on the roof of a house, making a hole about 80-100 cm (2.5-3 ft)," police in Naro-Fominsk told agency RIA-Novosti.
Ahead of major public holidays the Russian Air Force often dispatches up to 12 cargo planes carrying loads of silver iodide, liquid nitrogen and cement powder to seed clouds above Moscow and empty the skies of moisture.
A spokesman for the Russian Air Force refused to comment.
June 12 was Russia Day, a patriotic holiday celebrating the country's independence after the break-up of the Soviet Union.
Weather specialists said the cement's failure to turn to powder was the first hiccup in 20 years.
The homeowner was not injured, but refused an offer of 50,000 roubles ($2,100) from the air force, saying she would sue for damages and compensation for moral suffering, Interfax said.
Home-grown bird flu vaccine ready to go (AU)
AUSTRALIAN scientists have created a home-grown vaccine for bird flu which will be available the moment a pandemic has been declared.
Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon, who announced the vaccine yesterday, also revealed a $160 million war chest to keep vaccines stocked in the event of a pandemic.
The vaccine has been developed over three years by bio-pharmaceutical company CSL, with the Federal Government providing more than $7 million for development and trials.
CSL general manager Mary Sontrop said the vaccine, Panvax, had been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australia's pharmaceutical watchdog, but could only be used when the World Health Organisation declared a pandemic.

Terror Strike Drill Conducted In Chester County (PA)
SWAT teams from Chester and Berks Counties conducted a mock training drill in which a terrorist took several passengers hostage aboard a SEPTA bus.The drill took place near Route 202 in East Whiteland Township, Chester County Tuesday afternoon....

Monday, June 16, 2008

Paki Nuke Secret Spill Psyop, SCO, FCS, + News

Nuclear weapons blueprint 'shared among smuggling ring' (military psyop watch)

Pakistani scientist AQ Khan admitted leaking nuclear secrets in 2004

Blueprints for advanced nuclear weapons were found on computers belonging to an international smuggling ring and may have been shared among "rogue" states, it has been claimed.
The files included designs for a sophisticated compact nuclear device which could be fitted onto a ballistic missile.
The sensitive information was discovered on heavily encrypted computers in Switzerland and destroyed, but there are fears that the designs could have passed into the wrong hands.
Former UN arms inspector David Albright, an authority on the now defunct smuggling ring run by Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan, said the information may have been leaked some time ago.

"Red Flag Alaska

Elmendorf hosts aircraft exercises,
Alaska — Military units from South Korea and Japan joined U.S. flyers at Elmendorf Air Force base for war games.
Fighter jets, cargo planes and other military aircraft last week took part in the Pacific Alaska Range Complex exercises called Red Flag Alaska. The range complex, a swath of land in eastern Alaska, is almost the size of Germany and larger than South Korea.
Military units divided into red and blue teams and practice identifying and taking out the enemy. Units also practice in-flight refueling, supply drops, air evacuations and wartime support functions.
Air Force Lt. Col. Gregory Franklin said that at any one time there could be as many as 100 airplanes in the air. The goal is to give pilots and crews a realistic wartime simulation.
Red Flag exercises are conducted in Alaska and outside Las Vegas. The Pacific Complex is far larger....

Kazakhstan's senate approves SCO agreement on joint military exercises,
June 16 (Xinhua) -- Kazakhstan's Senate on Monday adopted a bill approving an agreement signed by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) members last year on joint military exercises.
The bill goes into effect after being signed by President Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Kazakh Telegraph Agency reported.
The report quoted a foreign policy, defense and security committee of the lower house of Kazakhstan's parliament as saying that the agreement was aimed at coordinating actions by the defense departments of the SCO members to cope with threats to the region's peace, security and stability.
The agreement was signed by defense ministers of the SCO member states in the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek in June 2007.
Comprising China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, the SCO pledges to enhance security, trade, cultural, military and judicial cooperation among member countries.

Contractors hope cannon creates bang, strikes bucks

Defense contractors and military officials in Southeast Michigan hope a prototype defense vehicle that debuted in Washington last week will impress lawmakers enough to be awarded full funding.The XM-1203 Non Line-of-Sight Cannon was to make several D.C. appearances, culminating with the 233rd U.S. Army Birthday Ball held Saturday at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The mobile 155mm howitzer cannon is built by Rockville, Md.-based BAE Systems from a common chassis system developed by BAE and Sterling Heights-based General Dynamics Land Systems.The cannon is one of eight proposed Manned Ground Vehicles, all of which use the common chassis system, under the Army's sometimes-controversial Future Combat Systems program. The cannon can rain “non-line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight” shell fire on distant objects, using targeting data it obtains from other vehicles developed under the program......
PATCO to stage emergency response drill June 22
CAMDEN -- PATCO will stage an emergency drill on Sunday, June 22 at its City Hall subway station here.
The drill will simulate a train emergency in the subway requiring the coordinated response of PATCO and emergency units from Camden, along with the evacuation of passengers from the train.
The drill will require PATCO to suspend operations between approximately 8:30 a.m. and 11a.m. Full service will resume in time for those who plan to ride PATCO to the Phillies game that afternoon..
Approximately 80 volunteers will pose as passengers.
Also involved in the drill are employees from PATCO and the Delaware River Port Authority, the Camden City Fire Department and the UMDNJ Emergency Medical Service unit.
The drill will provide PATCO and locals emergency response agencies a chance to practice responding to a simulated real life emergency in the subway tunnel with smoke as a factor....
In 2006, the US Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration selected Los Alamos National Laboratory as the development site for the world's fastest supercomputer - Roadrunner. Designed and built by IBM, Roadrunner performs operations at the speed of 1 pentaflop, i.e. 1 million billion calculations per second. This is nearly twice as fast as the IBM Blue Gene system at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, the earlier holder of the world's fastest supercomputer title. Roadrunner cost about US $100 million. It will primarily be used to ensure the safety and reliability of the United States' nuclear weapons stockpile. It will also be used for research into astronomy, energy, human genome science and climate change.

Sanofi gives 60 mln H5N1 flu vaccine shots to WHO
LONDON (Reuters) - Sanofi-Aventis is to donate 60 million doses of its H5N1 bird flu vaccine to the World Health Organisation, the French drugmaker said on Monday.
The donation over the next three years will help the U.N. health body build a global vaccine stockpile that could be used in poor countries in the event of an outbreak of a human flu pandemic, which many experts fear may be triggered by bird flu...

Survey: Most Indian scientists refuse to design biological weapons

BioNeutral Announces a BREAKTHROUGH in the Fight Against Bioterrorism

Bioterrorism conference held
A bioterrorism countermeasures conference was held Thursday in Brussels that was designed to elevate threat awareness among officials in Europe.
The European Corporate Security Association Conference, co-sponsored by Maryland-based Emergent BioSolutions Inc., brought together EU security authorities among other officials from diplomatic institutions, judicial and corporate securities communities....

State, counties form defense against flu pandemic (NJ)

Program promotes flu shots to marginalized groups

The Business of Intelligence Gathering (limited hangout book)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dilorenzo Tricare Pentagon "Drill'. SAIC, FCS, + News

Pentagon Medics Thought 911 Attack Was Part of a Drill
The morning of September 11, 2001, the U.S. Army's DiLorenzo Tricare Health Clinic (DTHC) had over 200 staff members working in its offices at the Pentagon, available to offer primary and emergency care to Department of Defense employees. [1] Following the attack on the Pentagon, DTHC workers were involved with the emergency response, performing triage and treatment in the clinic and at other locations within the building. [2]
Curiously, several DTHC workers have indicated that, when they were ordered to evacuate after the Pentagon was hit, they initially thought this was a drill.

SAIC receives $42M defense contract
Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) has announced it has received a contract worth up to $42 million over three years from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to support the agency's Deep Green Program.
The Deep Green Program will develop a synergistic human/machine system to help military officers and their staffs to quickly make command decisions and generate options on the battlefield. Through simulation, the officers will be able to foresee outcomes and be able to adjust their plans as needed.
U.S., Canadians in air exercises over Washington next week
At times it might seem as though an air war has broken out over Washington skies next week.
Six F-16 fighter planes, four B-52 bombers, and an E-3 AWACs plane fly in and stage for joint U.S. and Canadian exercises at McChord Air Force Base.
While flight scenarios are away from the general population, aircraft noise from McChord could increase as the fighters scramble for takeoffs at unspecified times during exercises Tuesday through Thursday, said officials for the Western Air Defense Sector, or WADS.
The aircraft arrived at McChord on Friday. Fighters will engage in air sovereignty and counter-air operations with Canada on Tuesday and Wednesday, spokesmen for the defense sector said.
The Western Air Defense Sector is responsible for keeping eyes on the skies from the Mississippi River to the West Coast and offshore.
It is also part of the joint U.S.-Canadian North American Aerospace Defense Command, more commonly known as NORAD.
Air Force officials say the purpose of the exercise is to carry out strategic emergency action plans already in place throughout the West and to practice strategies between WADS, NORAD and the U.S. Northern Command and Canadian Command.
The fighters participating are from Hill Air Force Base in Utah; the B-52s are from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota and Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana; and the AWACS plane is from Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma.
Army debuts FCS manned ground vehicle
The Army recently unveiled the prototype for its Non Line of Site Cannon (NLOS-C), the first manned ground vehicle under the Army’s Future Combat Systems initiative. Eight prototypes will be delivered to Yuma Proving Grounds by 2009, with the first five to be delivered by December 2008 and the remainder by early 2009. The announcement coincides with the Army’s 233rd birthday this month. The NLOS-C prototype, designed to be operated by a two-soldier artillery crew, is intended for combat in both urban and conventional battlespace environments. The vehicle uses networked technologies to enable fighters to quickly fire on targets with precision, as well as an automated loading system, projectile tracking and hybrid propulsion (cont...)

Boeing- and SAIC-led Industry Team, Future Combat Systems Program Complete Integration of 1st Manned Ground Vehicle Prototype

U.S., Canada ace massive Homeland Security drill
PORTSMOUTH – Organizers of the largest and most complicated Homeland Security exercise ever conducted declared it a success yesterday as they wrapped up five days of hunting fake mines and fighting simulated terror attacks. (cont...)

Navy conducts mock disaster drill
Kim Lamb • LVN photo MASR Samantha Hutsell was the only fatality from the aftershock of an earthquake drill at NAS Fallon on Friday.

Fallon Naval Air Station emergency personnel reacted quickly Friday morning in removing injured sailors from inside a World War II-built hangar that had collapsed from of an aftershock of Thursday's 7.1 magnitude earthquake south of Reno.Approximately 120 civilians and sailors participated in a mass casualty exercise which is part of Vigilant Guard '08, a full-scale, $1.5 million emergency preparedness drill funded by the federal government. The week-long exercise tests the expertise and coordination of local, state and federal civilians, the National Guard and NAS Fallon. Fallon was the main focus of Friday's Vigilant Guard activities. In addition to the NAS Fallon drill, local law enforcement agencies responded to a bomb threat and suspicious package at a prescribed location, and Churchill County and the National Guard conducted a unmanned Predator flyover of the county - including the area's irrigation canals and Lahontan Dam - with a downlink of images available for viewing."We had Hangar 7 collapse, and a number of personnel were injured," said Zip Upham, public affairs officer for the base. "Our EOC (Emergency Operations Center) stood up as part of the earthquake response."

"Big Brother" presidential directive: "Biometrics for Identification and Screening to Enhance National Security"

BAE SYSTEMS selects Rockwell Collins displays for FCS Manned Ground Vehicle

A drill, then the real thing (US military weather warfare test?),0,2742338.story
LITTLE SIOUX, IOWA -- The mess hall at the Little Sioux Scout Ranch was still standing Thursday, its wood and metal tables still neatly lined up. Out front, an American flag lowered to half-staff fluttered in the breeze. For at least a mile up to it and beyond, a trail of debris -- mud and glass, mangled orange nylon tents and shredded camp gear -- littered what had been the Boy Scout camp (cont...)

Fort Gordon hosts major military medical exercise

Korea, U.S. to Stage Massive Air Exercise
Korea and the U.S. will stage a large-scale joint air exercise on June 16-20, mobilizing some 90 aircraft, including B-52 bombers, E-3 airborne early warning and control aircraft, F-15 and F-16 fighter jets, A-10 ground attack aircraft, and KC-135 refueling tankers.
The exercise is unprecedented in scale. U.S. aircraft will fly to the Korean Peninsula from their bases in the Pacific, including Guam, Hawaii and Alaska, and the U.S. mainland.
"The joint exercise, Max Thunder, will be held June 16-20, for the first time in the skies near the U.S. air base in Gunsan, North Jeolla Province," a U.S. Forces Korea official said Thursday

Venezuela fires missiles in exercises
Venezuela fired live missiles from fighter jets and ships Friday during exercises intended to demonstrate the firepower of President Hugo Chavez's military.
Smoke rose from ships off the La Orchila island military base as Otomat MK2 missiles arced into the sky and Russian-made Sukhoi fighter jets flew in formation.
The televised war games allowed the military to showcase some of the hardware bought under Chavez, who says Venezuela's main threat is the United States. A U.S. Navy plane last month flew over the same Caribbean island base, drawing a diplomatic protest from Venezuela.
U.S. officials said the plane accidentally strayed into Venezuelan airspace during a counter-drug mission, but Chavez accused Washington of espionage.....

RIMPAC Games To Pump Nearly $27M Into Hawaii Economy
More than 20,000 visiting foreign and U.S. naval personnel later this month will pump nearly $27 million into Hawaii's economy, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin reports.Some 20,400 military personnel from the U.S. and nine other nations, including Australia and Japan, are headed to Honolulu for the 2008 Rim Of The Pacific naval war games, which are held every two years. The RIMPAC exercise, which runs from June 29 to July 31, is the largest naval war games in the Pacific......

WHO tests its disease outbreak response; Canada part of two-day simulation
TORONTO — The World Health Organization conducted a simulation exercise Wednesday to test its ability to respond in the event of a disease outbreak, and a Canadian location was part of the process....
Supercomputer Simulates Human Visual System

DARPA attempting the impossible: Self-simulation for defense training

QPC Lasers Presents Technical Paper at Directed Energy Professional Society

Armed Forces could not help civilians in flu pandemic

Pandemic flu drill tests preparedness (VT)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

TSAT, Terror Drill, (DDOT still not fully functional)

Special Report: The USA’s Transformational Communications Satellite System (TSAT)

As video communications is integrated into robots, soldiers, and UAVs, and network-centric warfare becomes the organizing principle of American warfighting, front-line demands for bandwidth are rising sharply. The Transformation Communications Satellite (TSAT) System is part of a larger effort by the US military to address this need.

The final price tag on the entire TSAT program has been quoted at anywhere from $14-25 billion through 2016, which includes the satellites, the ground operations system, the satellite operations center and the cost of operations and maintenance. By mid-2007, the U.S. Air Force was scheduled to make a key decision: build the TSAT system on its current schedule and launch in 2013-2016, or postpone TSAT, take stopgap measures and add Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellites 4 & 5 to the three slated for launch from 2009-2012.
Lockheed Martin and Boeing have won a total of $514 million each in risk reduction contracts for the TSAT SS satellite system, in hopes of making that Plan B unnecessary. The bids are in, and both teams await a decision. TSAT’s $2 billion TMOS ground-based network operations contract is already underway.
The TSAT constellation of satellites, receivers, and infrastructure has seen a recent resurgence of news coverage, and its central role in next-generation US military infrastructure makes it worthy of in-depth treatment. Yet its survival is not assured by any means. Outside events and incremental competitors could spell its end just as they spelled the end of Motorola’s infamous Iridium service. This updated DID Special Report looks at the TSAT program, its challenges, and the potential future(s) of U.S. military communications – with new additions highlighted in green for your convenience. The latest item is another $150 million in TSAT-SS development contracts, despite an expected decision date of November 2007. The wording of the accompanying announcements also suggests that some reconsideration of TSAT program options in under way

"Frontier Sentinel 08-2"

Terror drill: 'we are one team, one fight'

Canada Navy LTN Chad Naefken describes how the Dorado UUV which is a semi-autonomous bathymetric and side scan sonar platform, searches for underwater mines along with other subject matter which could be a threat to national and international security.

KITTERY, Maine — Approximately 3,000 Canadian and U.S. military forces, working with federal, state and local agencies, are participating this week in a drill to practice emergency techniques and communications between those who might be involved in handling of a terrorist attack or natural disaster.
"We are one team, one fight," said Capt. James McPherson, sector commander for the New England region of the Coast Guard.
The exercise involved a tanker explosion, a hijacked tugboat and mines in the harbor, all fictitious.
The exercise director, Capt. Chris Haugen of the Second Fleet Naval operations, said Frontier Sentinel 08-2 is the fifth exercise conducted and serves to test plans for maritime homeland defense and security.
"It quickly became evident that we needed to include our Canadian partners," Haugen said. "We can look at the exercise and see where we have improved and where we might need to make corrections. We chose Portsmouth because it is an important port. We also chose it because we can work here without interfering with port operations."
Haugen said the port presents challenges. Divers work in waters where the current regularly exceeds 1.5 knots.
"It's rocky and there are a lot of lobster traps," Haugen said. "The conditions had a lot of appeal."
Haugen said the 3,000 participants are scattered up and down the coasts of Canada and the United States. Six hundred are on the Seacoast. They are headquartered at the N.H. Department of Environmental Services building on the Pease International Tradeport.

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No computer

My signal keeps getting jammed and my laptop has been crippled for the second time, this time beyond repair ( + it's not even paid for yet) This post is on a loaner and I can only get on for a few seconds before being shut down. DDOT will be on hold until I get a new system with a secure connection. Please check back.

Bravo if this is the US Airfoirce and their new "cyber warfare" center.....well done....