Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nuclear War Test, DC Nuke Threataganda, Iran, French FCS, BAE

Malmstrom missile simulation a success

Malmstrom Airmen successfully performed a simulated missile launch on Tuesday.
Each year, the base conducts a simulated launch by opening the 110 ton blast door covering the missile. The launch facility was "safed" on Tuesday, making it impossible to actually launch the missile.
The simulation gives airmen a chance to test aspects of the missile system that can't be done unless it's activated

Nuclear attack on D.C. a hypothetical disaster

A nuclear device detonated near the White House would kill roughly 100,000 people and flatten downtown federal buildings, while the radioactive plume from the explosion would likely spread toward the Capitol and into Southeast D.C., contaminating thousands more.
The blast from the 10-kiloton bomb — similar to the bomb dropped over Hiroshima during World War II — would kill up to one in 10 tourists visiting the Washington Monument and send shards of glass flying the length of the National Mall, in a scenario that has become increasingly likely to occur in a major U.S. city in recent years, panel members told a Senate committee yesterday.
"It's inevitable," said Cham E. Dallas, director of the Institute for Health Management and Mass Destruction Defense at the University of Georgia, who has charted the potential explosion's effect in the District and testified before a hearing of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. "I think it's wistful to think that it won't happen by 20 years." (cont...)

* Military satellites can detect enriched uranium, no false flags can occur without our own terrorist Government being involved:

Iran to hold largest-ever air parade
Iran will mark Iranian Army Day on Thursday with a massive air parade, the largest in its history. One hundred and forty aircrafts will participate in the show, Air Force Chief Muhammad 'Alavi told local reporters.
Among the aircrafts will be the MIG-29, Sukhoi, F14, aerial refueling aircrafts, interceptors and passenger planes (Boeing 707 and 747).
The air parade aims to reveal the power of the Iranian armed forces to defend their homeland, added 'Alavi.

French Army "Future": Bad Idea?
The French army has its own version of the U.S. Army's $200-billion Future Combat Systems. The so-called "Scorpion" program aims to replace the Armee de Terre's current tanks and other vehicles with new networked vehicles and give its troopers wearable computer systems similar to the American Land Warrior. .....

Phoenix's BAE puts sensors in helmets
Combat sensors developed in Phoenix could result in fewer head injuries for U.S. soldiers and Marines and more effective diagnosis and treatment of mild brain injuries.
BAE Systems has integrated sophisticated sensors into the combat helmets it builds for the U.S. military to measure and record the impact of blasts, gunshots and other warfare trauma on troops.

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