Monday, April 21, 2008

Back From Vacation

* Hey readers, just got back from camping in Maine- It was nice to be off the grid and regain perspective on our problems....

U.S. and Gulf allies in exercise to block ships carrying WMDs
ABU DHABI — The United States has held a rare naval exercise with Gulf states which it said was not directed at Iran. The U.S. Navy began the exercise on April 19 meant to test Gulf Cooperation Council capabilities to block the entry of ships that carry weapons of mass destruction. .....

Staged Disaster Drill Helps Officials Find Weaknesses In The System (MD)
WASHINGTON COUNTY, MD - If you saw smoke coming from Hagerstown Regional Airport or saw emergency crews racing to the runway on Saturday morning, don't worry, there is no cause for alarm. There was a gunman on the loose, but relax, the gun was made of rubber. As for the bullet wounds, they weren't real either. The smoke and flames were staged, too, but the experience for first responders was a bona-fide training exercise, designed to prepare them for a real disaster....

Over 110 aircraft to take part in CIS command-and-staff drill

"More than 10 missile, air defense, anti-aircraft, and electronic warfare units will rehearse missions to protect the air space around Moscow and the Central Federal District. '

Terror-hit US ship in Goa
New Delhi, April 20: An American warship attacked by suspected suicide terrorists in the Gulf is embedded in a British flotilla that begins exercises with the Indian Navy off Goa from Monday.
The 12-day exercise is the third in the series of the Konkan drills between the Royal Navy and its Indian counterpart.
A French ship, the Surcouf, will also participate in the war game that involves the Royal Navy carrier strike group led by the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious. .......

Pakistan launches longest-range nuclear-capable missile during exercise

Pakistan, Turkish air forces launch joint exercises
Pakistani and Turkish air forces on Monday launched a 10-day joint exercise, according to a statement from Pakistan Air Force (PAF).
The exercises code-named "Indus Viper" were launched at Pakistan Air Force base in eastern Pakistan's Punjab province, the PAF statement said.

Latest Army order brings iRobot program to $63M
iRobot Corp. has landed a $6 million deal to supply unmanned robots to the U.S. Army, according to the Burlington robotics company.
Under the latest deal, iRobot will deliver 25 more small, unmanned ground-vehicle, or SUGV, robots for testing in the Army's Future Combat Systems Program. With the deal, iRobot has received a total of $63 million to date under the program.
The lead system integrators on the project are Boeing Co. and Science Applications International Corp. ....

Defense Executives Hired To Meet Increasing Needs
"This is the next Cold War build-up relative to the defense industry," says Jim Bethmann, leader of global technology, information-technology and industrial sectors practice in Dallas for Highland Partners, a search firm. "This is where the checkbook is open for who knows how long"

CVC East keynote: Preventing the next pandemic

Northrop Grumman Highlights Integrated Public Safety and Security Solutions At GovSec 2008

Military exercises to happen in area (Canada)

SAIC closes Icon Systems buy

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