Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cyber War DEW, DHS, Drills, Coming War with China, + news

Preparing Combat Forces for the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Major General William T. Lord is commander, Air Force Cyberspace Command (Provisional), Barksdale Air Force Base, La. He is responsible for establishing cyberspace as a domain in and through which the Air Force flies and fights, to deliver sovereign options for defense of the United States. In his current duty, he is creating the Air Force major air command for organization, training and equipping of combat forces to operate in cyberspace. ......
Q: Why did the Air Force decide to create a separate major command for these functions, in contrast to the previous organizational arrangement?
A: Principally, the Air Force recognizes that the nature of warfare is changing in this century. It’s a recognition that the cyber-domain, along with the air and space domain, can produce integrated kinetic and non-kinetic effects more efficiently and more effectively for warfighting. For example, what if you could so disrupt an enemy prior to the conduct of kinetic combat operations that that enemy could not figure out what its command and control system was, had false data, could not see an attacking force, and was making decisions based on information systems that had been manipulated in advance of combat operations? What if you had so confused the command and control brain of the enemy that they don’t have the ability to go to war, or so degraded it that it makes them ineffective, before you drop the first bomb? And not just computer network operations, but is also about electronic warfare, electronic combat and even, potentially, directed energy.(cont...)
U.S. must have space defense system, Allard says
Sen. Wayne Allard
While most Washington officials' eyes were on congressional hearings about the war in Iraq, Colorado Sen. Wayne Allard was warning an audience of aerospace executives Tuesday that the nation needs a new layer of defensive weapons in space to protect the U.S. from growing military powers, such as China.
Speaking at the 24th National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, the retiring Republican senator said a recent General Accountability Office study underlines the failure of the Defense Department and the nation's intelligence agencies to develop a cooperative strategy for using and protecting the essential network of U.S. military and civilian satellites in orbit.....

See also: China's Space Ambitions,pubID.27772/pub_detail.asp

Students getting trained in bombing simulation at Homeland Security Training Center

ORISKANY - Over 250 students have been through the New York State Homeland Security Training Center over the past few months. Wednesday, about 20 students finished up the most recent exercise
Those students finished up in the classroom learning about radioactive explosives. Then it was off to practical exam, or a hands on training drill, to put to use those skills they had just learned.
About 20 students geared up for an airport bombing simulation. Once they were suited-up, it was off to the scene of where a "dirty bomb " had just gone off.
Upon arrival, the first team notices two victims - one is dead on arrival - the other still alive. Using the skills they had just learned in the classroom, three sets of teams canvas the scene looking for any radioactive materials.
"Following the removal of the victims, the students went in to conduct a survey for radiological contamination, identify the potential radiological sources from the dirty bomb, and determine appropriate shielding techniques and decontamination procedures," said Doug Sandbrook, Homeland Security Superintendent....

Two-day drill will focus on emergency response training
A full-scale biological hazard drill is planned for Sunday and Monday incorporating numerous La Salle County emergency response agencies.
The La Salle County Health Department and Emergency Management Agency have teamed up to organize the emergency drill with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.
Dubbed "Bio-Bug I," the exercise will entail a biological release requiring hazardous materials response with casualties. The mock incident prompts a public health emergency, warranting mass medication dispensing.
The drill will take place at Celebrations 150 in La Salle and Illinois Valley Community College.

Al-Qaeda Will Never Take Our Dippin' Dots
You can feel safe, area shoppers! Oxford Valley Mall recently held a mock terrorism drill, in case al-Qaeda ever decides it has a serious grudge against Forever 21.
The drill started about a month ago when police learned that a fictitious organization with a grudge against corporate America was targeting an area mall.
Since then, they received information that it was the Oxford Valley Mall that was targeted, and now they are playing out how they will handle that threat

New anti-terror weapon: Hand-held lie detector

The Pentagon will issue hand-held lie detectors this month to U.S. Army soldiers in Afghanistan, pushing to the battlefront a century-old debate over the accuracy of the polygraph.
The Defense Department says the portable device isn't perfect, but is accurate enough to save American lives by screening local police officers, interpreters and allied forces for access to U.S. military bases, and by helping narrow the list of suspects after a roadside bombing. The device has already been tried in Iraq and is expected to be deployed there as well. “We're not promising perfection — we've been very careful in that,” said Donald Krapohl, special assistant to the director at the Defense Academy for Credibility Assessment, the midwife for the new device. “What we are promising is that, if it's properly used, it will improve over what they are currently doing.”

Syria Plans Emergency Drill amid Fears of War with Israel

Syria is beefing up security on its home front in a sign of escalating tension with Israel. As Robert Berger reports from VOA's Jerusalem bureau, there are war jitters on both sides of the border.
As Israel conducts a big civil-defense drill this week, Syria will hold an unprecedented exercise to test the readiness of the home front for a possible Israeli attack. The drill was announced on state-run Radio Damascus....

"Phoenix Express" 13 countries join land, sea exercise (update)

US Navy amphibious ship USS NASSAU (LHA 4)is participating in Phoenix Express '08, two-week long exercise is designed to strengthen regional maritime partnerships and is focused on increasing maritime domain awareness, better information sharing practices and operating jointly. (Department of Defense file photo)

U.S. Military Being Sent to the Border with Mexico
The Laguna Journal has learned that a special U.S. Military Task Force has been created to protect our southern border with Mexico. Members of this task force is preparing to secure the border by responding with specially trained fast response U.S. Army task force military units. These forces are already in place with the heart of the power being concentrated in El Paso and Southern New Mexico with a far reaching responsibility from East Texas to Southern California.

They are being staged and immediately available as emergency "on call" units for use against terrorist threats on the nation's border and local disasters, said Gen. Victor E. Renuart Jr., commander of United States Northern Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Commander.
The Ft. Bliss 1st Armored Division soldiers, as well as a new missile defense unit that are being created at Fort Bliss. America's first air defense and believed by Jane's Intel Web Report to be the owners of the sky where ever they fly. These F-22 Raptors that are stationed at Holloman Air Force Base will be available to defend homeland security, Renuart said.
Renuart, who visited Joint Task Force-North, which is under his command, declined to discuss any details of threats uncovered along the border with Mexico, but he said many agencies, including JTF-North, have made "it a very difficult border for someone to take advantage of." That would explain why there have been recent reports of U.S. military being seen on the border.

Marines to swoop in on Yuma in training exercise (AZ)


Finland to join NATO crisis management exercise

Robot armies - another military revolution?

Military Simulation Seminar - COTS Tools and Techniques

Researchers create child AI simulation
At the Artificial General Intelligence conference held at the University of Memphis last month, a group of Rensselaer researchers unveiled “Eddie,” a simulated four-year-old in the online world of Second Life. Eddie is a code controlled avatar that can hold beliefs and reason at the same level as a four-year-old.

Water, water, everywhere under attack
Water utilities should begin work immediately to secure their systems against catastrophic cyberattack, according to a new strategy document sponsored by the American Water Works Association and Homeland Security Department.
The cyberthreat to water systems is growing, the report said. For example, in St. Louis in 2005, cyberattacks on gauges at the Sauk Water Storage Dam resulted in an unauthorized release of a billion gallons of water. In Harrisburg, Pa., in 2006, a hacker planted malicious software in a filtration plant that could have affected water treatment operations. ....

Richmond lawyer to defend alleged 9/11 "mastermind" and phantom KSM
A Richmond lawyer and Naval Reserve officer has been appointed to represent Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the alleged architect of the 9/11 attacks.
The Pentagon assigned solo practitioner Prescott Prince to defend Mohammed in a death penalty case in U.S. war crimes tribunals, according to The Miami Herald. The White House and Congress have set up commissions to try the case...
[NOTE: Prescott L. Prince Address: 5511 Staples Mill Road Richmond, VA 23228 Map & Directions Phone: (804) 261-6101 ]
* How about a few phone calls to this atty asking if he is going to present evidence implicating
SAIC, NGA, The US Military et al as the real perps?

Terrorism Experts Predict Long Hunt for Bin Laden :)


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