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AP: FEMA preps for 'Nuclear attacks, invasions and suicide bombings in the United States' in abandoned town (Thanx to I.S.R.)
A once-abandoned town in the middle of the New Mexico desert now is victim to "more bombings than Jerusalem ... more terrorist attacks that Baghdad," the Associated Press reports.
A video report profiles Playas, NM, a full-scale training ground for Federal Emergency Management Agency classes that give law enforcement agencies experience dealing with all manners of disasters.
"Just a few years ago it was a ghost town abandoned after a large mining company pulled out," the AP's Rich Matthews reports. "Today, it's a training ground for the unthinkable: Nuclear attacks, invasions and suicide bombings in the United States."......


Workshop looks at strengthening capabilities in the urban environment

U.S. Joint Forces Command’s Joint Concept Development and Experimentation Directorate’s Joint Urban Operations Office wrapped up a workshop in Alexandria, Va. last week co-sponsored with the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory of the Marine Corps Combat Development Command.
The "Strengthening Capability Workshop: Complex Operations in the Urban Environment" ran March 19-20 and addressed the use of "soft power" requiring civilian involvement and expertise to support the U.S. government’s future engagement in complex urban environments. Representatives from numerous U.S. government departments and NATO attended the event.
The term "soft power" applies to means of diplomacy, strategic communication, foreign assistance, civic action, economic reconstruction and development. A number of breakout discussions and panel discussions during the two-day workshop dealt with this concept.

Spy-in-the-sky drone sets sights on Miami

- Miami police could soon be the first in the United States to use cutting-edge, spy-in-the-sky technology to beef up their fight against crime.
A small pilotless drone manufactured by Honeywell International, capable of hovering and "staring" using electro-optic or infrared sensors, is expected to make its debut soon in the skies over the Florida Everglades.
If use of the drone wins Federal Aviation Administration approval after tests, the Miami-Dade Police Department will start flying the 14-pound (6.3 kg) drone over urban areas with an eye toward full-fledged employment in crime fighting.

"Last month I posted a blog item headlined Autonomous arms race: gentlemen, start your robots, in which I took a university professor in Sheffield, England, named Noel Sharkey to task for views on military robotic technology he presented in a keynote address to the Royal United Services Institute.The gist was I believe robots are, and will be, valuable tools for military planners. Professor Sharkey, on the other hand, says not so fast; we need to take a closer look at the human issues of deploying military robotic technology before we go much farther down this road."

MiG-31 interceptors to hold live firing exercises in Siberia

MOSCOW, March 25 (RIA Novosti) - Up to 20 long-range interceptors will conduct launches of guided missiles during a tactical exercise in Siberia on Wednesday, a Russian Air Force spokesman said.
The live firing drills, involving MiG-31 Foxhound interceptors from an air regiment based in the Chita Region, will be held at the Telemba firing range.
"During the exercise, MiG-31 interceptors will fire missiles at airborne and ground targets at night and during the day," Colonel Alexander Drobyshevsky said. "About 20 combat jets will participate in the drills."

NASA Awards Simulation and Software Support Contract

NASA has awarded a five-year, $49 million contract to L3 Communications - Titan Group of Niceville, Fla., to provide simulation and software technology support at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.....

Infrastruct Security's Homeland Defense Division Addresses Security Issues Facing Critical Infrastructure

"To mitigate the threat of individuals attacking a facility Infrastruct Security is introducing Silent Guardian, a Non-incendiary Directed Energy System (NiDES). The US Military uses this system to repel adversaries without causing harm. In over 10 years of Military use, this system has proven 100% effective. The deployment of a NiDES enables critical infrastructure facilities to respond immediately and effectively to adversaries seeking unauthorized access to the facility or restricted areas. The NiDES also operates safely in hazardous chemical environments. Whereas response with incendiary devices, such as a firearm, could inadvertently result in an explosion or other incident, the NiDES is intrinsically safe. The NiDES provides effective means of defending an attack without the risks associated with incendiary weapons, and it avoids unintentional casualties that may otherwise result from an incident response.
The TechnologySilent Guardian is a Directed Energy system that uses Non-incendiary millimeter wave technology and laser technologies to deliver security response at the speed of light. The power of this solution is in the provision for active, instantaneous response using precise, non-incendiary force, without the damage potential of kinetic weapons....

China's Space Program Could Bolster Country's Military, Japanese Analysts Say

TOKYO — China's evolving space development should be closely watched for its potential impact on the country's military buildup, a Japanese Defense Ministry think tank report said Thursday.
"It is likely that China will continue to actively engage in space development in the years ahead, given that such development serves as a vital means of achieving military competitiveness against the United States...and raising national prestige," the report compiled by the ministry's National Institute for Defense Studies said.
The East Asian Strategic Review 2008 said, "The organizations involved in China's space development program share strong ties with the People's Liberation Army and a large proportion of the satellites launched and operated by China are believed to be used for military purposes."
"Although China has consistently advocated a ban on the development of weapons in space, this (space development) may be just an attempt to put a check on the United States."

Homeland Security Department terror trucker training a waste, Rep. Weiner

The Homeland Security Department has a secret weapon in the war on terror: truckers.
The federal agency has doled out $63million since 2004 to train truckers on how to spot a terrorist on the road or at a rest stop....

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Resarchers simulate the threat of a pandemic influenza

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