Friday, March 28, 2008

NGA Eying Power Grid, Drills, Homeland Security Watch

U.S. spy agency seeks data on power grid (NGA)

WASHINGTON, March 28 (UPI) -- The agency that manages data from U.S. spy satellites is exploring ways to map the nation's entire electric grid as part of efforts to protect infrastructure.The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency wants to create an "electric energy infrastructure dataset," including the geographical locations of all transmission lines, power plants, substations, and generating units, to show the way power flows through the system and where the control points are, the agency said this week in procurement documents....
Regional Disaster Exercise (ND)
A terrorist attack in Williston was played out on March 27th on paper as responders from across the region gathered in Minot for a Region Response Exercise.The exercise allows law enforcement, fire departments, ambulance services, hospital and health care responders to access planning and resources in the event of a massive disaster."When we start in the planning process, tabletops work to identify need. So we can sit back and say `This plan is here, but does it work?` and by playing it out in a tabletop we can say `Yes, this plan works` or `Hey this plan needs some tweaking or maybe we need to have some agreement in place,` " says Alan Hanson, the Fire Chief in Williston.The state will compile information from the discussion and issue a "Development After Action" report within the next few months.

Counties practice pandemic flu response (IN)
Exercise allows officials to discuss roles, responsibilities
PLYMOUTH -- Efforts continued Wednesday to make sure officials in Marshall, St. Joseph, Pulaski, Fulton and Elkhart counties are ready if and when a pandemic flu hits Michiana.Officials from the Marshall County Health Department and local hospital, security, American Red Cross, animal health and elsewhere gathered Wednesday afternoon to participate via telephone with the other counties in a pandemic flu tabletop exercise.Each group worked through modules provided by the Purdue Homeland Security Institute to test area preparedness. The three-hour exercise discussed roles and responsibilities, how local plans reflect the means to administer limited amounts of vaccine and to list issues that could include a medical surge capacity, alternative care sites and home care for those infected.

Only a drill: Emergency responders plan simulation

NORWICH – A group of about 70 professionals and volunteers will participate in a simulated emergency test set to take place in central Chenango County sometime during the week of April 6-12.
The exact time, place and date are being withheld intentionally in order to make the drill of local responders as authentic as possible. The event will serve to test the reactionary skills of state, county and municipal fire, police and emergency management officials, Chenango Memorial Hospital, the Chenango County Department of Public Health and a handful of other organizations...

A 'hospital' that's run entirely by robots! Washington, Mar 28 : The new 5 million dollars medical and surgical simulation training centre located at the Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center in East Baltimor, which opened in March, has some very unique new staff members - robots

Microfluidic Systems to Show Automated Biological Agent Detection Technology to U.S. House of Representatives

* It's time to get out of the US...ASAP!

Daniel Webster College Teaches Homeland Security
Daniel Webster College in Nashua is breaking new ground.
It's the first college in New England to offer an undergraduate degree in homeland security.
The academic trend to educate students in the field of counterterrorism is growing nationwide.
But critics say colleges are capitalizing on a fad and fear


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