Sunday, March 16, 2008

Connecting Some Dots, Iran Attack, Spitzer/ US $ Meltdown, NYC False Flag?

There is an elevated risk of a staged terrorist attack in the short term due to the following pieces (linked below) all or some possibly intertwined. Look for runs on banks this week -large congregations of emergency vehicles in cities ( NYC/Wall St.) The Elliot Spitzer "sex scandal" seems to be a staged departure...does he want to be out of Dodge for a staged attack? Was the "closed door session in Congress on FISA a ruse? Stay tuned for signs of
an attack on Iran, staged terror on New York City or a False Flag attack elsewhere.....
* Note, this is not to be confused with the COINTLEPRO "Captain Eric May" the boy who cried
wolf every week w/ Texas FF's . The events linked below are real, the possible outcomes, speculation...


Fallon falls: Iran should worry
WASHINGTON - Admiral William Fallon's request to quit his position as head of the US Central Command (CENTCOM) and to retire from the military was apparently the result of a George W Bush administration decision to pressure him to resign. Announcing the resignation, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said he believed it was "the right thing to do", thus indicating the administration wanted it. Gates added that it would be "ridiculous" to suggest that Fallon's resignation signaled that the US planned to go to war with Iran. ...

* Plane over DC a message to BushCO to get going on Iran? What are the odds that Venice FL (home of spook flights ) has a seller of the plane?
Venice Man Just Sold Plane That Violated D.C. Airspace
A Venice man said he closed a deal Wednesday morning to sell a single-engine airplane that later in the day violated restricted airspace near the Capitol in Washington.
The plane, a Cessna 177, got within six miles of the U.S. Capitol before being diverted, the Federal Aviation Administration said.
David Alt Sr. of Venice, the plane's registered owner, said the airplane had been kept in Maryland, where his son, David Alt Jr., lives. He said his son helped with the sale, which was finalized about 9:30 a.m.
The plane entered restricted airspace about 12:12 p.m.
The plane's new owner is David Couch, a Texas lawyer, David Alt Sr. said...

Venice, Florida, where three of the four terrorist pilots learned to fly, is the biggest September 11 crime scene that wasn’t reduced to rubble. Yet it has until now received no serious scrutiny for what it might reveal about the nature of the 9/11 attack. Investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker went searching for evidence that Mohamed Atta and his Hamburg cadre received outside help while they were in the U.S., as authorities initially stated, from a shadowy ‘global network,’ or even from foreign governments.


The $200 billion bail-out for predator banks and Spitzer charges are intimately linked

Spitzer's Real Scandal (Anthrax and Jerome Hauer)

Eliot Spitzer: What's up? Craig Hill's analysis

Financial Meltdown

Carlyle Capital in default, on brink of collapse
AMSTERDAM, March 13 (Reuters) - An affiliate of U.S.-based buyout firm Carlyle Group has defaulted on about $16.6 billion of debt and expects its lenders to seize remaining assets as the global credit crunch tightens around leveraged investors.

Bernanke Discards Monetary History With Bear Stearns Bailout
March 15 (Bloomberg) -- Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke is being forced to throw out four decades of monetary history by a financial system choking on miscalculated risks and a deepening recession.

Which bank is going to follow the Bear?
So who is next? As advisers to Bear Stearns struggle to find a buyer or funding in the next 28 days, Wall Street, the City and the financial district in Tokyo were scrabbling to find out who is the most exposed to Bear Stearns, either through loans or trading positions.
Traders in all three centres were panicking even for those banks not directly exposed to Bear. They feared that the problems experienced at the stricken bank signalled that the credit crisis has deteriorated to a new level. .....

Wall Street Ponders Extent Of the Woes At Other Firms the swift decline of Bear Stearns Cos. is a deepening worry on Wall Street that some financial institutions might not be able to make good on their commitments.
Such angst about the health of an institution holding somebody else's money is an age-old worry in finance. The federal government created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. in 1933 to give bank depositors confidence they would never again face such concerns.
Wall Street's modern version of what is known as "counterparty risk" has taken on a highly complex face. An explosion of derivatives instruments has potentially bound financial institutions with each ...

A Vicious Circle ending in a Systemic Financial Meltdown
Roubini's Nightmare Scenario

FISA Meeting: Ruse To Plan Response to Scenario (Flase Flag?)
House holds secret session to debate FISA telco immunity
"The vote came after a secret session Thursday night in the House. It was the first time the House has met in secret since 1983."
"The House of Representatives closed its doors to the public for an hour to take up a hotly debated surveillance bill"....
"This was the first closed session in 25 years."

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