Friday, November 9, 2007

Mass Vaccination, DHS/PMC News + "Resistance" Drill

Mass Vaccination Drill (MN)

ROCHESTER, MN -- Imagine an outbreak of Ebola Virus - thousands of people fall sick, infecting everyone around them.The only way to stop it is mass vaccination.Tonight Newscenter's Jennifer Hoff takes a look at how you can now count on Olmsted County to keep you safe. Busloads of people file into the University Center Rochester field house - effectively and efficiently is key.They aren't there seeking medical attention nor are they sick - so why are they getting a flu shot?They're practicing for a possible pandemic. Kari Etrheim, Olmsted County Public Health says, "We might do to something like this in order to vaccinate a large amount of people in a short amount of time." (cont...)

Titan Global Targets New Growth Opportunities in Homeland Security . Space with Purchase of 2,151,422 Shares of Homeland Security Capital Corp

House Passes Pentagon Non-War Budget
By ANDREW TAYLOR – 19 hours ago
WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress on Thursday approved a big boost in the Pentagon's non-war budget for President Bush's signature, even as a spending bill containing far smaller increases for health and education programs headed for a certain veto.
The confluence of the votes reflected Bush's dominant position in the year-end budget battle pitting the White House against Democrats controlling Congress.
The $471 billion defense budget — awarding the Pentagon with a 9 percent, $40 billion budget increase — passed the House by a 400-15 vote. (cont...)

* plus ca change....

LAPD Plan To Map Muslim Communities Angers Some Groups

LOS ANGELES -- A plan by the LAPD counterterrorism bureau to create a map detailing the Muslim communities in that city was reported Friday to be angering civil rights groups.
At least three major Muslim groups and the American Civil Liberties Union sent a letter yesterday to top city officials raising concerns about the plan, The New York Times reported.
"When the starting point for a police investigation is 'let's look at all Muslims,' we are going down a dangerous road," attorney Peter Bibring of the ACLU of Southern California told the newspaper in an interview (cont...)

* This looks like a Martial Law Resistance drill

Marines take part in mock terrorist drill in Martinsville

Training for the war on Terror, it happens everyday. And, for the past week about 2,000 Marines have been in Central and Southside Virginia doing just that, training.
Thursday night some Marines took part in a mock terrorist drill in Martinsville. The scenario involved a terrorist group known as the Rocky Mount Resistance. They were hiding out the fictional country of "Mica" at the Dupont plant.
After some Marines spent a couple of days gathering intelligence, they decided to take the terrorists down. Once the "terrorists" were apprehended, Marines flew them back to Fort Pickett for questioning.
More than 250 Marines participated in last night's drill

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