Friday, November 23, 2007

Canadian Disaster X, In Q-Tel, Drills

Emergency Response Teams Tested at One of Largest Disaster Exercises in Canadian History

TORONTO - Emergency response teams took part in a live, simulated large-scale disaster exercise today at a Toronto-area hotel, involving a simulated bomb blast. The purpose of the exercise was to test the coordination and interoperability of these teams in a real emergency, and identify where improvements can be made. In total, close to 1,000 participants, observers, and evaluators were involved. (cont..)

In Q-Tel

Simulation company to expand in Orlando

A California-based computer-simulation company says it plans a multimillion-dollar expansion of its Orlando division, thanks in part to a venture-capital fund backed by the CIA.Forterra Systems Inc. announced recently it received a "strategic investment" from In-Q-Tel, the CIA's privately run venture affiliate, to develop computer-based virtual-conferencing systems for the nation's intelligence community. Financial terms were not disclosed.(cont...)

Public Health plans emergency drills (NY)

HERKIMER - Herkimer County Public Health is planning to conduct two emergency preparedness drills in December to see if the county would be ready in case of an epidemic.“This serves as a good practice in case we really had to give something out for things such as the avian flu or pills for anthrax,” Director of Public Health, Dr. Gregory O'Keefe said. “We can see what we need as far as personnel and volunteers. It also serves to prepare alternate sites for distribution of vaccines or pills.”The drills are scheduled for Dec. 5 from 2:30-7 p.m. at East Herkimer Elementary School on Gros Boulevard and Dec. 17 from 2-6 p.m. at the town of Webb Elementary School in Old Forge.
The drill will give out free flu shots to adults age 19 and over. O'Keefe said he expects to have about 1,000 doses of the flu shot available at the drills. Participants are required to show their driver's license to receive the shot.O'Keefe says these drills are mainly for people associated with the infrastructure for the community (cont...)

MONCADA 2007 Military Exercise Successful (Cuba)

Havana, Nov 23 (Prensa Latina) The cohesion of the different forces and Cuban means was used for the defense of a zone besieged by a supposed enemy, with the use of tanks, infantry, artillery and aviation.
The success of the territorial device against several attempts of invasion was praised by the President of the Provincial Defense Council of Havana Ivan Ordaz, at the end of the military exercise Moncada 2007. (cont...)
Tech Extends Strategic Agreement With SAIC
Police to Deploy Spy Drones in Texas

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