Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Signing Off...

Signing Off -the military surveillance tool, the Internet.

I am taking yet another hiatus from this intractable debacle. I have tried to stay away from
the attacks of 9/11(serious fatigue) and focus on what the perps are planning next, yet i keep getting sucked back into endless hours of reading every detail of what every one is doing in the 9/11 movement, which is really one giant COINTLEPRO mind F--K!

I believe, as I have stated elsewhere, many still plugging away in the 9/11 "movement"are suffering from PTSD and obsessive compulsive disorder as much as from any desire to see
an end to this through justice. The only thing that matters now is activism, which I will pursue
off the net and away from spook infiltration.

All the best to the real ones out there!

Greg Nixon


mediamonarchy said...

damn brother, sorry to see you go... i was just about to ask you for an interview for my radioshow. but i can't really blame you for yr decision.


Doug said...

dont let the spooks slow you down... you are doing great work here and I read your blog daily.

Keep up the great work my friend