Friday, February 8, 2008

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* Note to readers, sorry for no updates since Tue.... A surprise blizzard here in VT dumped almost two feet of snow. I operate a plow truck to pay for activism/research....

Putin vows 'arms race' response

Russia's President Vladimir Putin says the world is engaged in a new arms race and Nato is failing to accommodate Russia's concerns

In a nationally-televised speech, he condemned Nato's expansion and the US plan to include Poland and the Czech Republic in a missile defence shield.
"It is already clear that a new phase in the arms race is unfolding in the world," Mr Putin said.
"It is not our fault, because we did not start it," he said....

China's Military Hardware Doctrine For The Early 21st Century Part Two

Aircraft carriers cost a fortune to build and operate. Instead China is turning to less costly methods of protecting it's immediate sphere of influence.

China is certainly in no state yet to produce its own long-range strategic bombers, air-refueling tankers or air transport aircraft like the C-130 Hercules or the C-17 Globemaster and must therefore continue to try and buy them off the shelf, if not from the United States because of deteriorating relations, then from Russia.....

Dr. France A. Cordova Elected to SAIC Board of Directors

* Purdue U, home to perp protecting WTC BS simulation, SWS etc etc...

Sentient world: war games on the grandest scale

Scientists and engineers simulate jet colliding with World Trade Center

SAN DIEGO and MCLEAN, Va., Feb. 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SAIC, Inc. (NYSE: SAI - News) announced today that Dr. France A. Cordova, president of Purdue University and an internationally recognized astrophysicist, has been elected as a member of the SAIC board of directors effective Feb. 21, 2008. She will serve on the Compensation Committee and the Ethics and Corporate Responsibility Committee.

Boonville Guard to train on non-lethal combat maneuvers

BOONVILLE - The Missouri National Guard's Detachment 1, 1139th Military Police Company will train on non-lethal combat maneuvers this weekend during their monthly drill in Boonville.As part of their training, soldiers will focus on threat assessment, using and reacting to pepper spray, correct handling of a military police baton, basic ground fighting techniques and positioning moves.Non-lethal maneuvers are important when dealing with certain situations, such as crowd control, said Staff Sgt. Michael Niekamp, training noncommissioned officer for the unit.......

Tone it down, tell us of flights, NATO tells Russia

VILNIUS (Reuters) - NATO defence chiefs asked Russia on Friday for advanced warning of military exercises such as bomber sorties and repeated a call for Moscow to tone down the rhetoric in disputes with NATO members.
The issues were brought up by several NATO defence ministers during a cooperation meeting with Russian Deputy Defence Minister Alexander Kolmakov in the Lithuanian capital.
A NATO spokesman declined to name the ministers who had made the requests to Russia. One alliance source said they represented "northern countries" in the 26-member alliance.
"Some of the ministers asked for advanced warning when they intend to send military equipment like bombers," a NATO spokesman told reporters.
"Ministers also asked them to lower the tone of their rhetoric," the spokesman added.
A latest example of Russia flexing its military muscles took place on Jan. 22 when two Russian long-range "Blackjack" bombers flew to the Bay of Biscay, off the coasts of NATO members France and Spain, to test-launch missiles.
Russia has also resumed 24-hour strategic air patrols over its territory and carried out long-range air missions over international airspace, nudging close to other NATO member states, Norway and Britain.
As well as such exercises, Russia has used tough language in response to NATO's plans for further expansion eastwards to countries like Georgia and Ukraine.
President Vladimir Putin on Friday delivered an address with long passages of tough rhetoric aimed at the West, including accusing the United States of unleashing a new arms race.

Drill tests emergency crews
Disaster test held near Hard Rock Park, airport

"....Organizers designed the drill around two incidents: a simulated plane crash at the Myrtle Beach International Airport and a chemical explosion at Hard Rock Park.
"How well can we manage two large-scale incidents simultaneously? That's what we're testing," Webster said."

DARPA Nabs Big Bucks for Mach 6 Planes, Giant Robotic Blimps, Next-Gen Networks
DARPA, the Pentagon's mad science division, got a $324 million boost in the Defense Department's new budget -- a ten percent increase. Which means lots more cash for giant blimps, next-gen wireless networks, Mach 6 planes, shape-shifting drones, and improvised bomb-beaters.
One of the biggest changes in DARPA's budget for the next fiscal year is the ramping up of the Blackswift project. The agency will dump $70 million next year into a joint effort with the Air Force to build an aircraft that can go six times the speed of sound -- and land on a runway, just like a normal plane. The idea is to use a combination of turbines and ramjets to fly so quickly. But it won't be easy. Outside of a few demonstration projects, pretty much the only things that go that fast today are ICBMs and spaceships, taking off and returning to earth.
The agency is also pushing on with its efforts to put together the pieces for a giant, robotic spy blimp that will hover in the air for up to a year at a time. Funds for the "Integrated Sensor is Structure" (ISIS) program jump from $29 to $44 million next year, with the goal of tracking "rockets, artillery, and mortars," as well as "dismounted enemy combatant[s]" -- individual soldiers, from 65,000 feet up. Eventually, this is all supposed to be done from a unmanned airship big enough to fit a battleship inside.
"Tactical technology" projects get an extra $35 million, for a total of $371 million. That includes $4 million for a new effort, "Silversword," which aims to use gigawatts of microwave power to fry the electronics inside remotely-triggered bombs. $6.6 million will go to specialized nets, designed to catch rocket-propelled grenades before they strike. And $11.6 million will go to "C-Sniper" -- DARPA's laser-based program to find snipers before they fire.
DARPA is also adding $36 million more to its "Advanced aerospace" projects, for a total of $107 million. The Oblique Flying Wing -- the agency's shape-shifting, cockeyed, supersonic drone project -- clocks in at $29.5 million. Another $11 million goes to "Vulture," an aircraft that could stay aloft for five years, without landing. $15.9 million is slated for the rocket-powered "Rapid Eye" spy drone.......

Raytheon Delivers First Advanced SUV-Based Radiation Detection System

Raytheon's Integrated Defense Systems delivered the first advanced sports utility vehicle-based radiation detection system to the Department of Homeland Security's Domestic Nuclear Detection Office. The successful delivery of this system will allow DNDO to operate in urban environments and will enhance border security and national defense by preventing the smuggling of nuclear materials through ports of entry.....

Three giants compete for FBI biometric deal

Three major federal contractors — IBM Corp., Lockheed Martin Corp. and Northrop Grumman Corp. — are in the running for the FBI’s new $1 billion biometric database contract expected to be awarded this week, company officials confirmed today.
The FBI’s Next Generation Identification System is an upgrade to the agency’s decade-old Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System. The new system expands the amount of biometric data collected and is supposed to make it easier for the FBI to share data....

Colorado Preps For Pandemic Flu


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