Thursday, January 10, 2008

NYC Bioterror Sensors, "Imediate Response 2008", + News

New York City battles feds for bio-terror sensors

A new generation of early warning sensors for biological terrorism is proving to be controversial in New York City, as city officials battle with the federal government over the number of sensors.City officials want more of the units, which cost $100,000 each. But officials with the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, D.C., which funds 90 percent of the units' cost, say they prefer to wait for even newer technology, saying the government wants "accurate and affordable" bioterrorism protection for all cities."It needs to be better," Russ Knocke, a spokesman for the DHS, said of the current units. Their technology was developed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, Calif. (cont...)


The U.S. European Command 30-Person Delegation Visited Georgia

Tbilisi. January 10 (Prime-News) – The U.S. European Command 30-Person delegation visited Georgia. The purpose of the visit is to work out action planes concerning the wide-ranging military exercises.
Prime News was told at the Ministry of Defense of Georgia that American militaries visited and observed Vaziani Base infrastructure.
In the framework of the visit members of the delegation are going to attend Poti Navy base.
International military exercises (IMMEDIATE RESPONSE 2008) starts in July current year. In exercises together with Georgian and American military servants will take part Armenian, Azeri, Ukrainian and Turkish servicemen as well.
During two months militaries will be trained how to engage in combat operations in populated regions. The exercise will proceed in Krtsanisi, Vaziani and Poti military bases. (cont...)

China for more joint military exercises with India

New Delhi (PTI): With India and China breaking new ground in their ties by holding first-ever joint military exercises, Beijing favours more such endeavours, saying these would enhance "confidence and trust" necessary for tranquillity along the border and stability in the region.
The two sides could be holding the second joint military exercises, details of which are to be worked out. (cont..)
Prepare for big flu pandemic economic hit, UN says
LONDON (Reuters) - Governments around the world need to do more to prepare for the dramatic economic impact of the next flu pandemic, the United Nations influenza coordinator said on Thursday.
David Nabarro said his team had recently collected information from nearly 150 countries to see how prepared they were for a pandemic and the picture was mixed.
"Most countries have now focused on pandemic as a potential cause of catastrophe and have done some planning. But the quality of the plans is patchy and too few of them pay attention to economic and social consequences," he told BBC radio. ( cont...)
SciScientists Find Key to What Could Make Bird Flu a Human Pandemic
Scientists have identified a key mechanism necessary for bird flu to morph from a rare but deadly infection into a pandemic that could kill millions of people.
MIT scientists reported in Sunday's issue of Nature Biotechnology that the shape of certain structures in the virus could be key to allowing it to easily pass from human to human. In birds, the shape of the structures match the shape of sugars in the animals' respiratory tracts, allowing the infection to easily latch onto the animals. In humans, those shapes don't match up -- but if the virus morphed so they did, it could lead to a pandemic. (cont....)
GE Healthcare and Novavax collaborate on flu vaccine manufacturing system
GAO: Global ports need security overhaul

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