Wednesday, January 9, 2008

MQ-9 "Robo Planes", Iran Calls Out USM, + News

Reaper airborne war-droids to patrol 2012 Olympics
The RAF will use its new force of MQ-9 "Reaper" robo-planes to patrol the skies above the London Olympics in 2012, according to reports.
The Herald of Scotland reports today that the five-tonne unmanned drones will fly above the capital providing surveillance as part of the enormous security effort planned for the Games. The machines are fitted with a multi-spectral telescopic imaging system, able to detect a human's body heat and see in the dark. They also carry a synthetic-aperture radar capable of tracking individual people walking on the ground, though this may be of limited use in the context of Olympic crowds.

Iran Accuses U.S. of Faking Persian Gulf Video

TEHRAN — The Revolutionary Guards in Iran accused the United States on Wednesday of fabricating a video showing Iranian speedboats confronting United States Navy warships in the Persian Gulf over the weekend, according to a report carried by the semi-official Fars news agency and state-run television.
“Images released by the U.S. Department of Defense about the Navy vessels are from archive, and sounds on it are fabricated,” an unnamed Revolutionary Guards official said, according to Fars. The news agency has close links to the Revolutionary Guards. The comments were Iran’s first on the video, which the Pentagon released Tuesday.
The Pentagon immediately dismissed the assertion. Bryan Whitman, a Pentagon spokesman, told correspondents that Iran’s “allegation is absurd, factually incorrect and reflects the lack of seriousness with which they take this serious incident.”
President Bush chastised Iran on Tuesday for committing a “provocative act.” On Wednesday, at the start of a trip with Mr. Bush to the Middle East, Stephen J. Hadley, his national security adviser, again warned Iran, saying that it had “to be very careful about this, because if it happens again, they are going to bear the consequences of that incident.”
The unnamed Revolutionary Guards official asserted that the video had been released to coincide with Mr. Bush’s trip and “was in line with a project of the Western media to create fear.” The official said the sounds and the images on the video did not go together. “It is very clear that they are fake,” the official said.
The video and audio were recorded separately and then matched, Naval and Pentagon officials said Tuesday.
The episode was first described by American officials on Monday, who said it took place the day before in the strategic Strait of Hormuz.
They said five armed Iranian speedboats had approached three United States Navy warships in international waters, then maneuvered aggressively as radio threats were issued that the American ships would be blown up. (cont...)


Amaox Battles Bioterrorism with Virtual Software,1540,2247310,00.asp

If it's a potential bioterrorist weapon, chances are that Amaox— a little known biotech company 'based' in Paw Paw, MI— has a treatment in the works to stop such an outbreak or at least mitigate the effects of an attack before it could kill large numbers of people.
Arming itself with cutting-edge visual collaboration software, Amaox is able to share and integrate complex ideas from medical researchers around the country and North America.

"We are 'the little engine that could,'" said Dr. Milton Smith, an emergency medical physician by training and founder and CEO of Amaox (pronounced AM-ox) Ltd. "This technology allows us to be competitive, enabling our organization to do in two or three months what it would otherwise have taken 10 years to do."
The potential size of a chemical or biological weapons attack in this country or anywhere else is mind-boggling, yet the U.S. has yet to come to grips with the problem. "We're woefully unprepared if an incident should occur," Dr. Smith warned.
Amaox has received funding from the Department of Defense for its current research programs, and in December its research team applied for an additional $1.5 million grant to investigate chlorine toxicity to see if Amaox technology can be used to treat sufferers of a chlorine gas bomb or accidental spill.
"The government wants to develop these antidotes because no one else is going to do it. The larger pharmaceutical companies don't see a big enough market for these antidotes to weapons of mass destruction," said Dr. Smith. (cont...)

Tom Ridge to Advise TechRadium On 'IRIS' Technology

First Homeland Security Secretary and Ridge Global CEO to Serve as SeniorAdvisorWASHINGTON, Jan. 9 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Tom Ridge, the nation's firstSecretary of Homeland Security and chief executive officer of Ridge GlobalLLC, will serve as a senior advisor to TechRadium, Inc., a leading Texas-basedsecurity technology company that provides its patented alert and notificationsystem IRIS (Immediate Response Information System) to a wide range of usersfrom public schools and universities to military programs. (cont...)

Ribbon cut for new SOCJFCOM headquarters

CSC wins big with NASA

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