Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Homeland Security Scam, India False Flag? + PMC News

Chertoff Outlines FY 2008 Homeland Security Grants

On Friday DHS secretary Michael Chertoff announced final allocations for FY08 preparedness grant programs for states and localities.
DHS, Chertoff said, had made available a total of over $3 billion in total grants for FY08 for preparedness planning and response programs including both the Homeland Security Grant Program and $844 million in Infrastructure Protection grants which had previously been announced.
The focal point of Chertoff’s announcement was an allocation of $1.69 billion under the Homeland Security Grant Program, which reflects an increase of $32 million over FY07. This year’s grants included $861 million for the State Homeland Security Program, an increase of $352 million; $781 million for the Urban Area Security Initiative, an increase of $34 million. In addition DHS allocated almost $40 million for the Metropolitan Medical Response system, and $14.5 million for Citizen Corps.
This year’s grants also included some additional grant programs under the umbrella of Operation Stonegarden. “Operation Stonegarden,” Chertoff said, “ which is focused on enforcement for border states, is going to amount to $60 million this year.” Regional Catastrophic Preparedness grants, which are designed to boost catastrophic incident preparedness, were also allotted $60 million, Chertoff said, while the Nonprofit Security Grant Program, focused on nonprofit organizations, received $15 million.
Chertoff described Operation Stonegarden as “ part of our full court press to continue to expand and intensify our work to secure the borders, southern and northern, and to bring our state and local partners into that process (cont..)
Local, federal agencies hold disaster drill (UT)
Training exercise is designed to help crews work together,5143,700246960,00.html

WEST VALLEY CITY — More than 230 firefighters and bomb technicians, both local and federal, are participating today in an extensive drill involving weapons of mass destruction.
The training exercise is designed to help federal and local emergency response crews work together while responding to a potentially catastrophic event.
"It allows us to interact with each other and see the tools we've accumulated since 9/11," said South Salt Lake Fire Chief Steve Foote.

House approves Reichert's bill to maintain Seattle-based terrorism analysts
WASHINGTON – The House has approved legislation that would ensure continued operation of an intelligence-gathering center in Seattle that helps track international and homegrown terrorists and other suspicious activity.....

American expats caught up in Indian bomb blast inquiry
(Remember British SAS caught in Arab garb w/explosives in Iraq? This crap goes back 100's of years, divide conquer and get security contracts .., will dig on this "consultant" PMC?)
When Indian police investigating bomb blasts which killed 42 people traced an email claiming responsibility to a Mumbai apartment, they ordered an immediate raid.
But at the address, rather than seizing militants from the Islamist group which said it carried out the attack, they found a group of puzzled American expats.
In a cautionary tale for those still lax with their wireless internet security, police believe the email about the explosions on Saturday in the west Indian city of Ahmedabad was sent after someone hijacked the network belonging to one of the Americans, 48-year-old Kenneth Haywood.
The IP address for the email claiming responsibility for an obscure group called the Indian Mujahideen was traced by police to Haywood's laptop. They then raided the plush 15th-floor apartment.
Officers believe the email could have been sent by anyone within two floors of Haywood's flat.
"He has never been detained, but we have called on him and questioned him as part of the investigation," said Parambir Singh, a senior officer in the anti-terrorism squad.
"He has said his email ID was hacked and evidence we have gathered shows that his network was used to forward the mail."
The Hindustan Times newspaper quoted Haywood, a business consultant,

1st ever night air defense drill set for Aug. 5 (Taiwan)
Taipei -- The government will conduct the first ever nighttime air defense drill to be held on the evening of Tuesday, Aug. 5 covering all cities and counties in northern Taiwan.

Thomasville Medical Center to conduct emergency drill (NC)

Air Force Looks to Laser-Proof Its Weapons

Cernium appoints Tom Ridge to board of directors

Vaccine To Protect Against Black Plague Bioterror Attack Being Developed

Raytheon, Boeing team up in bid
Raytheon Company and The Boeing Company are partnering to bid for the U.S, Air Force’s Counterspace Command and Control sustainment contract.
The two defense giants are looking to reap $100 million from the deal in the next decade to build a system to protect global satellite communications systems, Waltham-based Raytheon (NYSE: RTN) said. The contract is expected to be awarded in September....

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