Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dilorenzo Tricare Pentagon "Drill'. SAIC, FCS, + News

Pentagon Medics Thought 911 Attack Was Part of a Drill
The morning of September 11, 2001, the U.S. Army's DiLorenzo Tricare Health Clinic (DTHC) had over 200 staff members working in its offices at the Pentagon, available to offer primary and emergency care to Department of Defense employees. [1] Following the attack on the Pentagon, DTHC workers were involved with the emergency response, performing triage and treatment in the clinic and at other locations within the building. [2]
Curiously, several DTHC workers have indicated that, when they were ordered to evacuate after the Pentagon was hit, they initially thought this was a drill.

SAIC receives $42M defense contract
Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) has announced it has received a contract worth up to $42 million over three years from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to support the agency's Deep Green Program.
The Deep Green Program will develop a synergistic human/machine system to help military officers and their staffs to quickly make command decisions and generate options on the battlefield. Through simulation, the officers will be able to foresee outcomes and be able to adjust their plans as needed.
U.S., Canadians in air exercises over Washington next week
At times it might seem as though an air war has broken out over Washington skies next week.
Six F-16 fighter planes, four B-52 bombers, and an E-3 AWACs plane fly in and stage for joint U.S. and Canadian exercises at McChord Air Force Base.
While flight scenarios are away from the general population, aircraft noise from McChord could increase as the fighters scramble for takeoffs at unspecified times during exercises Tuesday through Thursday, said officials for the Western Air Defense Sector, or WADS.
The aircraft arrived at McChord on Friday. Fighters will engage in air sovereignty and counter-air operations with Canada on Tuesday and Wednesday, spokesmen for the defense sector said.
The Western Air Defense Sector is responsible for keeping eyes on the skies from the Mississippi River to the West Coast and offshore.
It is also part of the joint U.S.-Canadian North American Aerospace Defense Command, more commonly known as NORAD.
Air Force officials say the purpose of the exercise is to carry out strategic emergency action plans already in place throughout the West and to practice strategies between WADS, NORAD and the U.S. Northern Command and Canadian Command.
The fighters participating are from Hill Air Force Base in Utah; the B-52s are from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota and Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana; and the AWACS plane is from Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma.
Army debuts FCS manned ground vehicle
The Army recently unveiled the prototype for its Non Line of Site Cannon (NLOS-C), the first manned ground vehicle under the Army’s Future Combat Systems initiative. Eight prototypes will be delivered to Yuma Proving Grounds by 2009, with the first five to be delivered by December 2008 and the remainder by early 2009. The announcement coincides with the Army’s 233rd birthday this month. The NLOS-C prototype, designed to be operated by a two-soldier artillery crew, is intended for combat in both urban and conventional battlespace environments. The vehicle uses networked technologies to enable fighters to quickly fire on targets with precision, as well as an automated loading system, projectile tracking and hybrid propulsion (cont...)

Boeing- and SAIC-led Industry Team, Future Combat Systems Program Complete Integration of 1st Manned Ground Vehicle Prototype

U.S., Canada ace massive Homeland Security drill
PORTSMOUTH – Organizers of the largest and most complicated Homeland Security exercise ever conducted declared it a success yesterday as they wrapped up five days of hunting fake mines and fighting simulated terror attacks. (cont...)

Navy conducts mock disaster drill
Kim Lamb • LVN photo MASR Samantha Hutsell was the only fatality from the aftershock of an earthquake drill at NAS Fallon on Friday.

Fallon Naval Air Station emergency personnel reacted quickly Friday morning in removing injured sailors from inside a World War II-built hangar that had collapsed from of an aftershock of Thursday's 7.1 magnitude earthquake south of Reno.Approximately 120 civilians and sailors participated in a mass casualty exercise which is part of Vigilant Guard '08, a full-scale, $1.5 million emergency preparedness drill funded by the federal government. The week-long exercise tests the expertise and coordination of local, state and federal civilians, the National Guard and NAS Fallon. Fallon was the main focus of Friday's Vigilant Guard activities. In addition to the NAS Fallon drill, local law enforcement agencies responded to a bomb threat and suspicious package at a prescribed location, and Churchill County and the National Guard conducted a unmanned Predator flyover of the county - including the area's irrigation canals and Lahontan Dam - with a downlink of images available for viewing."We had Hangar 7 collapse, and a number of personnel were injured," said Zip Upham, public affairs officer for the base. "Our EOC (Emergency Operations Center) stood up as part of the earthquake response."

"Big Brother" presidential directive: "Biometrics for Identification and Screening to Enhance National Security"

BAE SYSTEMS selects Rockwell Collins displays for FCS Manned Ground Vehicle

A drill, then the real thing (US military weather warfare test?),0,2742338.story
LITTLE SIOUX, IOWA -- The mess hall at the Little Sioux Scout Ranch was still standing Thursday, its wood and metal tables still neatly lined up. Out front, an American flag lowered to half-staff fluttered in the breeze. For at least a mile up to it and beyond, a trail of debris -- mud and glass, mangled orange nylon tents and shredded camp gear -- littered what had been the Boy Scout camp (cont...)

Fort Gordon hosts major military medical exercise

Korea, U.S. to Stage Massive Air Exercise
Korea and the U.S. will stage a large-scale joint air exercise on June 16-20, mobilizing some 90 aircraft, including B-52 bombers, E-3 airborne early warning and control aircraft, F-15 and F-16 fighter jets, A-10 ground attack aircraft, and KC-135 refueling tankers.
The exercise is unprecedented in scale. U.S. aircraft will fly to the Korean Peninsula from their bases in the Pacific, including Guam, Hawaii and Alaska, and the U.S. mainland.
"The joint exercise, Max Thunder, will be held June 16-20, for the first time in the skies near the U.S. air base in Gunsan, North Jeolla Province," a U.S. Forces Korea official said Thursday

Venezuela fires missiles in exercises
Venezuela fired live missiles from fighter jets and ships Friday during exercises intended to demonstrate the firepower of President Hugo Chavez's military.
Smoke rose from ships off the La Orchila island military base as Otomat MK2 missiles arced into the sky and Russian-made Sukhoi fighter jets flew in formation.
The televised war games allowed the military to showcase some of the hardware bought under Chavez, who says Venezuela's main threat is the United States. A U.S. Navy plane last month flew over the same Caribbean island base, drawing a diplomatic protest from Venezuela.
U.S. officials said the plane accidentally strayed into Venezuelan airspace during a counter-drug mission, but Chavez accused Washington of espionage.....

RIMPAC Games To Pump Nearly $27M Into Hawaii Economy
More than 20,000 visiting foreign and U.S. naval personnel later this month will pump nearly $27 million into Hawaii's economy, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin reports.Some 20,400 military personnel from the U.S. and nine other nations, including Australia and Japan, are headed to Honolulu for the 2008 Rim Of The Pacific naval war games, which are held every two years. The RIMPAC exercise, which runs from June 29 to July 31, is the largest naval war games in the Pacific......

WHO tests its disease outbreak response; Canada part of two-day simulation
TORONTO — The World Health Organization conducted a simulation exercise Wednesday to test its ability to respond in the event of a disease outbreak, and a Canadian location was part of the process....
Supercomputer Simulates Human Visual System

DARPA attempting the impossible: Self-simulation for defense training

QPC Lasers Presents Technical Paper at Directed Energy Professional Society

Armed Forces could not help civilians in flu pandemic

Pandemic flu drill tests preparedness (VT)


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